Search Tips

Currently, the search feature will identify every possible match in the following fields:

Poet Name - first and/or last name

First Line - We have the ability to search through the first line of every poem in the database. If you remember a poem fragment (which hopefully contains the first line!), try searching for one of the key words to see if your poem comes up. If you cannot find your poem, please post a 'poem request' to our discussion board.

Poem Title - as always, if you remember the title but perhaps not the author, our search function should find it. As a note, we do not have 'common names' of each poem inserted into the database, that's on our 'to-do list'.

Wish List:
Full Body Search - This feature could be exceptionally useful! This feature will also require some extensive programming. Sifting through 3715 poems would require enormous server resources if not properly implemented.

To learn more about the students behind this project, please read our introductory page. Any suggestions about our searching feature should be directed to: