Author Picture

Katharine Lee Bates


  • Above the Battle
       Honor and pity for the smitten field,
  • America the Beautiful
       O beautiful for spacious skies,
  • America to England
       Who would trust England, let him lift his eyes
  • Blood Road
       The Old Year groaned as he trudged away,
  • England to America
       And what of thee, O Lincoln's Land? What gloom
  • Fodder for Cannon
       Bodies glad, erect,
  • Glory
       At the crowded gangway they kissed good-bye.
  • Great Twin Brethren, The
       The battle will not cease
  • If You Could Come
       My love, my love, if you could come once more
  • Matthew Arnold On hearing him read his Poems in Boston
       A stranger, schooled to gentle arts,
  • Pigeon Post
       White wing, white wing,
  • Pity of It, The
       Over the lonesome African plain
  • To My Country
       O dear my Country, beautiful and dear,
  • Yellow Clover
       Must I, who walk alone,
  • Yellow Warblers
       The first faint dawn was flushing up the skies