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Richard Harris Barham


  • 'Look at The Clock!' : Patty Morgan The Milkmaid's Story
       'Look at the Clock!' quoth Winifred Pryce,
  • 'Monstre' Balloon, The
       Oh! the balloon, the great balloon!
  • A Lay of St. Gengulphus
       Gengulphus comes from the Holy Land,
  • A Lay of St. Nicholas
       Lord Abbot! Lord Abbot! I'd fain confess;
  • Bagman's Dog, The : Mr. Peters's Story
       It was a litter, a litter of five,
  • Black Mousquetaire, The : A Legend of France
       Francois Xavier Auguste was a gay Mousquetaire,
  • Cynotaph, The
       Oh! where shall I bury my poor dog Tray,
  • Execution, The : A Sporting Anecdote Hon. Mr. Sucklethumbkin's Story
       My Lord Tomnoddy got up one day;
  • Ghost, The
       There stands a City,-- neither large nor small,
  • Hand of Glory, The : The Nurse's Story
       On the lone bleak moor,
  • Jackaw of Rheims, The
       The Jackdaw sat on the Cardinal's chair!
  • Lay of St. Odille, The
       Odille was a maid of a dignified race;
  • Legend of Hamilton Tighe, The
       The Captain is walking his quarter-deck,
  • Merchant of Venice, The : A Legend of Italy
       I believe there are few
  • Mr. Barney Maguire's Account of The Coronation
       Och! the Coronation! what celebration
  • Some Account of a New Play
       The Countess of Arundel, high in degree,
  • Tragedy, The
       Catherine of Cleves was a Lady of rank,
  • Witches' Frolic, The
       Come hither, come hither, my little boy Ned!