Author Picture

Jorge Luis Borges


  • Adam Cast Forth
       Was there a Garden or was the Garden a dream?
  • Art of Poetry, The
       To gaze at a river made of time and water
  • Browning Decides to Be a Poet
       In these red labyrinths of London
  • Elegy
       Oh destiny of Borges
  • History of the Night
       Throughout the course of th generations
  • Limits
       Of all the streets that blur in to the sunset,
  • Other Tiger, The
       A tiger comes to mind. The twilight here
  • Remorse For Any Death
       Free of memory and of hope,
  • Shinto
       When sorrow lays us low
  • Susana Soca
       With lingering love she gazed at the dispersed
  • That One
       Oh days devoted to the useless burden
  • To a Cat
       Mirrors are not more silent