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Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin


  • "I loved you..."
       I loved you, and I probably still do,
  • "O sing, fair lady, when with me..."
       O sing, fair lady, when with me...
  • "The wondrous moment of our meeting..."
       The wondrous moment of our meeting...
  • An Elegy
       The senseless years' extinguished mirth and laughter
  • An Invocation
       O if it's true that in the night,
  • Confession (to Alina Osipova, 1826)
       I love you - though it makes me beat,
  • Devils
       Storm-clouds hurtle, storm-clouds hover;
  • The Drowned Man
       Children running into izba,
  • The Flower
       A flower - shrivelled, bare of fragrance,
  • The Water-Nymph
       In lakeside leafy groves, a friar
  • To Gnedich
       With Homer you conversed alone for days and nights,