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Leigh Hunt


  • A Fish Answers
       Amazing monster! that, for aught I know,
  • A Thought of the Nile
       It flows through old hushed Egypt and its sands,
  • Abou Ben Adhem
       Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase!)
  • How Robin and His Outlaws Lived in The Woods
       Robin and his merry men
  • Jenny kiss'd Me
       Jenny kiss'd me when we met,
  • On Receiving a Crown of Ivy from John Keats
       It is a lofty feeling, yet a kind,
  • Robin Hood's Flight
       Robin Hood's mother, these twelve years now,
  • Robin Hood, A Child.
       It was the pleasant season yet,
  • Robin Hood, An Outlaw.
       Robin Hood is an outlaw bold
  • Rondeau
       Jenny kiss'd me when we met
  • Song of Fairies Robbing an Orchard
       We, the Fairies, blithe and antic,
  • Sudden Fine Weather
       Reader! what soul that laoves a verse can see
  • The Glove and The Lions
       King Francis was a hearty king, and loved a royal sport,
  • The Negro Boy
       Cold blows the wind, and while the tear
  • The Nile
       It flows through old hushed Egypt and its sands,
  • To a Fish
       You strange, astonished-looking, angle-faced,
  • To Robert Batty, M.D., on His Giving Me a Lock of Milton's Hair
       It lies before me there, and my own breath
  • To the Grasshopper and the Cricket
       Green little vaulter in the sunny grass,