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Sir Thomas Wyatt


  • Alas Madam for Stealing of a Kiss
       Alas, madam, for stealing of a kiss
  • And Wilt Thou Leave me Thus?
       And wilt thou leave me thus?
  • Avising The Bright Beams
       Avising the bright beams of these fair eyes
  • Farewell Love and All Thy Laws Forever
       Farewell love and all thy laws forever;
  • Forget Not Yet The Tried Intent
       Forget not yet the tried intent
  • I Abide and Abide and Better Abide
       I abide and abide and better abide,
  • I Find No Peace
       I find no peace, and all my war is done.
  • In Spain
       Tagus, farewell! that westward with thy streams
  • Is It Possible
       Is it possible
  • Madam, Withouten Many Words
       Madam, withouten many words
  • Mine Own John Poynz
       Mine own John Poynz, since ye delight to know
  • My Galley, Charged with Forgetfulness
       My galley, chargèd with forgetfulness,
  • My Lute Awake
       My lute awake! perform the last
  • Of the Mean and Sure Estate Written to John Poins
        My mother's maids, when they did sew and spin,
  • Since so Ye Please
       Since so ye please to hear me plain,
  • The Heart and Service
       The heart and service to you proffer'd
  • The Long Love That in My Thought Doth Harbour
       The long love that in my thought doth harbour
  • They Flee From Me
       They flee from me that sometime did me seek
  • Unstable Dream
        Unstable dream, according to the place,
  • What Needeth These Threat'ning Words
       What needeth these threnning words and wasted wind?
  • What Should I Say
       What should I say,
  • Whoso List to Hunt, I Know Where is an Hind
       Whoso list to hunt, I know where is an hind,
  • Ye Old Mule
       Ye old mule that think yourself so fair,