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William Wordsworth


  • "'Tis Said, That Some Have Died For Love"
       'Tis said, that some have died for love:
  • "A Narrow Girdle of Rough Stones and Crags,"
       A narrow girdle of rough stones and crags,
  • "A Whirl-Blast from Behind the Hill"
       A Whirl-Blast from behind the hill
  • "Calm is all Nature as a Resting Wheel."
       Calm is all nature as a resting wheel.
  • "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"
       I wandered lonely as a cloud
  • "It was an April morning: fresh and clear"
       It was an April morning: fresh and clear
  • "She Dwelt Among Untrodden Ways"
       She dwelt among the untrodden ways
  • "She Was a Phantom of Delight"
       She Was a phantom of delight
  • "Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known"
       Strange fits of passion have I known:
  • "Surprised by Joy--Impatient as the Wind"
       Surprised by joy impatient as the Wind
  • "The World Is To Much With Us; Late and Soon"
       The world is too much with us; late and soon,
  • "There is an Eminence,--of these our hills"
       There is an Eminence,--of these our hills
  • "Three Years She Grew in Sun and Shower,"
       Three years she grew in sun and shower,
  • "With Ships the Sea was Sprinkled Far and Nigh,"
       With ships the sea was sprinkled far and nigh,
  • A Character
       I marvel how Nature could ever find space
  • A Night-Piece
       ------The sky is overcast
  • A Poet's Epitaph
       Art thou a Statist in the van
  • A Wren's Nest
       Among the dwellings framed by birds
  • Address To The Scholars Of The Village School Of ----
       I come, ye little noisy Crew,
  • An Evening Walk, Addressed to a Young Lady
       "Waving his hat, the shepherd, from the vale,
  • Andrew Jones
       I hate that Andrew Jones; he'll breed
  • Anecdote For Fathers
       I have a boy of five years old;
  • Animal Tranquillity and Decay
       The little hedgerow birds,
  • Birth of Love, The
       When Love was born of heavenly line,
  • Brothers, The
       "These Tourists, heaven preserve us! needs must live
  • Childless Father, The
       "Up, Timothy, up with your staff and away!
  • Complaint Of a Forsaken Indian Woman, The
       Before I see another day,
  • Danish Boy, The: A Fragment
       Between two sister moorland rills
  • Elegiac Stanzas
       Lulled by the sound of pastoral bells,
  • Ellen Irwin
       Fair Ellen Irwin, when she sate
  • Expostulation and Reply
       "Why, William, on that old grey stone,
  • For The Spot Where The Hermitage Stood on St. Herbert's Island, Derwentwater.
       If thou in the dear love of some one Friend
  • Forsaken, The
       The peace which other seek they find;
  • Fountain, The: A Conversation
       We talked with open heart, and tongue
  • Goody Blake and Harry Gill
       Oh! what's the matter? what's the matter?
  • Green Linnet, The
       Beneath these fruit-tree boughs that shed
  • Guilt and Sorrow
       A traveller on the skirt of Sarum's Plain
  • Hart-Leap Well
       The Knight had ridden down from Wensley Moor
  • Her Eyes are Wild
       Her eyes are wild, her head is bare,
  • Idiot Boy, The
       'Tis eight o'clock,--a clear March night,
  • Idle Shepherd Boys, The
       The valley rings with mirth and joy;
  • Influence of Natural Objects
       Wisdom and Spirit of the universe!
  • Kitten And Falling Leaves, The
       That way look, my Infant, lo!
  • Lament of Mary Queen of Scots, on The Eve of a New Year
       Smile of the Moon!---for I so name
  • Last of The Flock, The
       In distant countries have I been,
  • Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey
       Five years have past; five summers, with the length
  • Lines Left upon a Seat in a Yew-tree
       Nay, Traveller! rest. This lonely Yew-tree stands
  • Lines written as a School Exercise at Hawkshead, Anno Aetatis
       "And has the Sun his flaming chariot driven
  • Lines Written In Early Spring
       I heard a thousand blended notes,
  • Lucy Gray
       Oft I had heard of Lucy Gray:
  • Michael: A Pastoral Poem
       If from the public way you turn your steps
  • Mother's Return, The
       A month, sweet Little-ones, is past
  • Nutting
       ---------------------It seems a day
  • Oak and The Broom, The: A Pastoral Poem
       His simple truths did Andrew glean
  • Ode, Composed On A May Morning
       While from the purpling east departs
  • Ode, On Intimations Of Immortality
       There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream,
  • Old Cumberland Beggar, The
       I saw an aged Beggar in my walk;
  • Pet-Lamb, The: A Pastoral Poem
       The dew was falling fast, the stars began to blink;
  • Peter Bell, A Tale
       There's something in a flying horse,
  • Rainbow, The
       My heart leaps up when I behold
  • Remembrance of Collins
       Glide gently, thus for ever glide,
  • Reverie of Poor Susan, The
       At the corner of Wood Street, when daylight appears,
  • Rural Architecture
       There's George Fisher, Charles Fleming, and Reginald Shore,
  • Russian Fugitive, The
       Enough of rose-bud lips, and eyes
  • Ruth
       When Ruth was left half desolate,
  • Sailor's Mother, The
       One morning (raw it was and wet---
  • Seven Sisters, The
       Seven Daughter had Lord Archibald,
  • Simon Lee, The Old Huntsman
       In the sweet shire of Cardigan,
  • Simplon Pass, The
       ------Brook and road
  • Solitary Reaper, The
       Behold her, single in the field,
  • Song For The Wandering Jew
       Though the torrents from their fountains
  • Sparrow's Nest, The
       Behold, within the leafy shade,
  • Stanzas
       ONCE I could hail (howe'er serene the sky)
  • Stanzas
       WITHIN our happy castle there dwelt One
  • Table Turned, The
       Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books;
  • There was a Boy
       There was a Boy; ye knew him well, ye cliffs
  • Thorn, The
       "There is a Thorn--it looks so old,
  • To A Butterfly (first poem)
       Stay near me---do not take thy flight!
  • To A Butterfly (second poem)
       I've watched you now a full half-hour,
  • To A Sexton
       Let thy wheel-barrow alone--
  • To Joanna
       Amid the smoke of cities did you pass
  • To M.H.
       Our walk was far among the ancient trees:
  • To May
       Though many suns have risen and set
  • To My Sister
       It is the first mild day of March:
  • To The Cuckoo
       O Blithe New-comer! I have heard,
  • To The Daisy (first poem)
       "Her divine skill taught me this,
  • To The Daisy (fourth poem)
       Sweet Flower! belike one day to have
  • To The Daisy (third poem)
       Bright Flower! whose home is everywhere,
  • To The Same Flower (second poem)
       With little here to do or see
  • Two April Mornings, The
       We walked along, while bright and red
  • Two Thieves, The
       O now that the genius of Bewick were mine,
  • Waterfall and The Eglantine, The
       "Begone, thou fond presumptuous Elf,"
  • We are Seven
       --------A Simple Child,
  • Wishing-gate, The
       Hope rules a land forever green:
  • Written in Germany, On One of The Coldest Days Of The Century
       A plague on your languages, German and Norse!
  • Written With a Pencil Upon a Stone In The Wall of The House, On The Island at Grasmere
       Rude is this Edifice, and Thou hast seen