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Thomas Hardy


  • "You Were The Sort That Men Forget"
       You were the sort that men forget;
  • A Confession To A Friend in Trouble
        YOUR troubles shrink not, though I feel them less
  • A Meeting With Despair
        AS evening shaped I found me on a moor
  • A Sign-Seeker
        I MARK the months in liveries dank and dry,
  • Additions
        THEY had long met o' Zundays--her true love and she--
  • Afternoon Service at Mellstock
       On afternoons of drowsy calm
  • Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?
       Ah, are you digging on my grave,
  • Amabel
       I MARKED her ruined hues,
  • Apostrophe to an Old Psalm Tune
       I met you first--ah, when did I first meet you?I met you first--ah, when did I first meet you?
  • At A Bridal
        WHEN you paced forth, to wait maternity,
  • At An Inn
        WHEN we as strangers sought
  • At Mayfair Lodgings
       How could I be aware,
  • At The Wicket-Gate
       There floated the sounds of church-chiming,
  • At The Word "Farewell"
       She looked like a bird from a cloud
  • Before Knowledge
       When I walked roseless tracks and wide,
  • Copying Architecture in an Old Minster
       How smartly the quarters of the hour march by
  • Ditty
        BENEATH a knap where flown
  • During Wind and Rain
       THEY sing their dearest songs--
  • First Sight of Her and After
       A day is drawing to its fall
  • Friends Beyond
        WILLIAM Dewy, Tranter Reuben, Farmer Ledlow late at plough,
  • God's Funeral
       I saw a slowly-stepping train --
  • Hap
       IF but some vengeful god would call to me
  • Heiress And Architect
        SHE sought the Studios, beckoning to her side
  • Her Death And After
        'TWAS a death-bed summons, and forth I went
  • Her Dilemma
        THE two were silent in a sunless church,
  • Her Immortality
        UPON a noon I pilgrimed through
  • Her Initals
        UPON a poet's page I wrote
  • Heredity
       I am the family face;
  • I Look Into My Glass
        I LOOK into my glass,
  • In A Eweleaze Near Weatherbury
        THE years have gathered grayly
  • In a Museum
       Here's the mould of a musical bird long passed from light,
  • In a Wood
       Pale beech and pine-tree blue
  • In a Wook
        Pale beech and pine-tree blue,
  • In Vision I Roamed
        IN vision I roamed the flashing Firmament,
  • Joys of Memory
       When the spring comes round, and a certain day
  • Leipzig
        "OLD Norbert with the flat blue cap--
  • Lines
        BEFORE we part to alien thoughts and aims,
  • Middle-Age Enthusiasms
       WE passed where flag and flower
  • Moments of Vision
       That mirror
  • My Cicely
        "ALIVE?"--And I leapt in my wonder,
  • Nature's Questioning
        WHEN I look forth at dawning, pool,
  • Near Lanivet, 1872
       There was a stunted handpost just on the crest,
  • Neutral Tones
        WE stood by a pond that winter day,
  • On a Midsummer Eve
       I idly cut a parsley stalk,
  • Postponement
        SNOW-BOUND in woodland, a mournful word,
  • Quid Hic Agis?
       When I weekly knew
  • Revulsion
        THOUGH I waste watches framing words to fetter
  • San Sebastian
        "WHY, Sergeant, stray on the Ivel Way,
  • She At His Funeral
        THEY bear him to his resting-place--
  • She, I, and They
       I was sitting,
  • She, To Him
        When you shall see me lined by tool of Time,
  • She, To Him II
        Perhaps, long hence, when I have passed away,
  • She, To Him III
        I will be faithful to thee; aye, I will!
  • She, To Him IV
        This love puts all humanity from me;
  • Sitting on a Bridge
       Sitting on the bridge
  • Snow in the Suburbs
       Every branch big with it,
  • The Alarm
        In a ferny byway
  • The Background and The Figure
       I think of the slope where the rabbits fed,
  • The Blinded Bird
       So zestfully canst thou sing?
  • The Burghers
        THE sun had wheeled from Grey's to Dammer's Crest,
  • The Casterbridge Captains
        THREE captains went to Indian wars,
  • The Change
       Out of the past there rises a week -
  • The Convergence Of The Twain
       In a solitude of the sea
  • The Dance At The Phoenix
        TO Jenny came a gentle youth
  • The Darkling Thrush
       I leant upon a coppice gate
  • The Duel
       "I am here to time, you see;
  • The Faded Face
       How was this I did not see
  • The Fire at Tranter Sweatley’s
       They had long met o’ Zundays—her true love and she—
  • The Impercipient
        THAT from this bright believing band
  • The Ivy-Wife
        I LONGED to love a full-boughed beech
  • The Man He Killed
       Had he and I but met
  • The Oxen
       Christmas Eve, and twelve of the clock.
  • The Peasent's Confession
        GOOD Father!... 'Twas an eve in middle June,
  • The Riddle
       Stretching eyes west
  • The Rival
       I determined to find out whose it was -
  • The Sergeant's Song
        WHEN Lawyers strive to heal a breach,
  • The Slow Nature
        "THY husband--poor, poor Heart!--is dead--
  • The Statue of Liberty
       This statue of Liberty, busy man,
  • The Stranger's Song
        O MY trade it is the rarest one,
  • The Temporary The All
        CHANGE and chancefulness in my flowering youthtime,
  • The Two Men
        THERE were two youths of equal age,
  • The Voice of Things
       Forty Augusts--aye, and several more--ago,
  • The Wind Blew Words
       The wind blew words along the skies,
  • The Young Churchwarden
       When he lit the candles there,
  • Thought Of Ph---a At News Of Her Death
        NOT a line of her writing have I,
  • Timing Her
       Lalage's coming:
  • To A Lady
        NOW that my page upcloses, doomed, maybe,
  • To An Orphan Child
        AH, child, thou art but half thy darling mother's;
  • To My Father's Violin
       Does he want you down there
  • To Outer Nature
        SHOW thee as I thought thee
  • To Shakespeare After Three Hundred Years
       Bright baffling Soul, least capturable of themes,
  • To the Moon
       "What have you looked at, Moon,
  • Unknowing
        WHEN, soul in soul reflected,
  • Valenciennes
        WE trenched, we trumpeted and drummed,
  • We Sat at The Window
       We sat at the window looking out,
  • Why Be at Pains?
       Why be at pains that I should know