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Robert Louis Stevenson


  • A Valentine's Song
       MOTLEY I count the only wear
  • About The Sheltered Garden Ground
       ABOUT the sheltered garden ground
  • Ad Magistrum Ludi
       NOW in the sky
  • Ad Martialem
       GO(D) knows, my Martial, if we two could be
  • Ad Nepotem
       O NEPOS, twice my neigh(b)our (since at home
  • Ad Olum
       CALL me not rebel, though { here at every word
  • Ad Piscatorem
       FOR these are sacred fishes all
  • Ad Quintilianum
       O CHIEF director of the growing race,
  • Ad Se Ipsum
       DEAR sir, good-morrow! Five years back,
  • After Reading "Antony And Cleopatra"
       AS when the hunt by holt and field
  • Air Of Diabelli's
       CALL it to mind, O my love.
  • An English Breeze
       UP with the sun, the breeze arose,
  • Apologetic Postscript Of A Year Later
       IF you see this song, my dear,
  • As In Their Flight The Birds Of Song
       AS in their flight the birds of song
  • As One Who Having Wandered All Night Long
       AS one who having wandered all night long
  • At Last She Comes
       AT last she comes, O never more
  • Away With Funeral Music
       AWAY with funeral music - set
  • Before This Little Gift Was Come
       BEFORE this little gift was come
  • Behold, As Goblins Dark Of Mien
       BEHOLD, as goblins dark of mien
  • Come From The Daisied Meadows
       HOME from the daisied meadows, where you linger yet
  • Come, Here Is Adieu To The City
       COME, here is adieu to the city
  • Come, My Beloved, Hear From Me
       COME, my beloved, hear from me
  • De Coenatione Micae
       LOOK round: You see a little supper room;
  • De Erotio Puella
       THIS girl was sweeter than the song of swans,
  • De Hortis Julii Martialis
       MY Martial owns a garden, famed to please,
  • De Ligurra
       YOU fear, Ligurra - above all, you long
  • De M. Antonio
       NOW Antoninus, in a smiling age,
  • Death, To The Dead For Evermore
       DEATH, to the dead for evermore
  • Dedication
       MY first gift and my last, to you
  • Dedicatory Poem For "Underwoods"
       TO her, for I must still regard her
  • Duddingstone
       WITH caws and chirrupings, the woods
  • Early In The Morning I Hear On Your Piano
       EARLY in the morning I hear on your piano
  • Envoy For "A Child's Garden Of Verses"
       WHETHER upon the garden seat
  • Epitaphium Erotii
       HERE lies Erotion, whom at six years old
  • Fair Isle At Sea
       FAIR Isle at Sea - thy lovely name
  • Farewell
       FAREWELL, and when forth
  • Fear Not, Dear Friend, But Freely Live Your Days
       FEAR not, dear friend, but freely live your days
  • Fixed Is The Doom
       FIXED is the doom; and to the last of years
  • Flower God, God Of The Spring
       FLOWER god, god of the spring, beautiful, bountiful,
  • For Richmond's Garden Wall
       WHEN Thomas set this tablet here,
  • Frag1
       About my fields, in the broad sun
  • frag2
       Tall as a guardsman, pale as the east at dawn,
  • fragments
       About my fields, in the broad sun
  • Go, Little Book - The Ancient Phrase
       GO, little book - the ancient phrase
  • God Gave To Me A Child In Part
       GOD gave to me a child in part,
  • Had I The Power That Have The Will
       HAD I the power that have the will,
  • Hail! Childish Slave Of Social Rules
       HAIL! Childish slaves of social rules
  • Hail, Guest, And Enter Freely!
       HAIL, guest, and enter freely! All you see
  • Home, My Little Children, Hear Are Songs For You
       COME, my little children, here are songs for you;
  • I Am Like One That For Long Days Had Sate
       I AM like one that for long days had sate,
  • I Do Not Fear To Own Me Kin
       I DO not fear to own me kin
  • I Dreamed Of Forest Alleys fair
       I DREAMED of forest alleys fair
  • I Know Not How, But As I Count
       I KNOW not how, but as I count
  • I Love To Be Warm By The Red Fireside
       I LOVE to be warm by the red fireside,
  • I Now, O Friend, Whom Noiselessly The Snows
       I NOW, O friend, whom noiselessly the snows
  • I WHo All The Winter Through
       I WHO all the winter through
  • I, Whom Apollo Somtime Visited
       I, WHOM Apollo sometime visited,
  • In Charidemum
       YOU, Charidemus, who my cradle swung,
  • In Lupum
       BEYOND the gates thou gav'st a field to till;
  • In Maximum
       WOULDST thou be free? I think it not, indeed;
  • In The Green And Gallant Spring
       IN the green and gallant Spring,
  • It Blows A Snowing Gale
       IT blows a snowing gale in the winter of the year;
  • It's Forth Across The Roaring Foam
       IT'S forth across the roaring foam, and on towards the west,
  • Know You The River NEar To Grez
       KNOW you the river near to Grez,
  • Late, O Miller
       LATE, O miller,
  • Let Love Go, If Go She Will
       LET love go, if go she will.
  • Light As The Linnet On My Way I Start
       LIGHT as the linnet on my way I start,
  • Lo! In Thine Honest Eyes I Read
       LO! in thine honest eyes I read
  • Lo, Now, My Guest
       LO, now, my guest, if aught amiss were said,
  • Long Time I Lay In Little Ease
       LONG time I lay in little ease
  • Loud And Low In The Chimney
       LOUD and low in the chimney
  • Love's Vicissitudes
       AS Love and Hope together
  • Love, What Is Love
       LOVE - what is love? A great and aching heart;
  • Man Sails The Deep Awhile
       MAN sails the deep awhile;
  • Men Are Heaven's Piers
       MEN are Heaven's piers; they evermore
  • Mine Eyes Were Swift To Know Thee
       MINE eyes were swift to know thee, and my heart
  • Music At The Villa Marina
       FOR some abiding central source of power,
  • My Heart, When First The Black-Bird Sings
       MY heart, when first the blackbird sings,
  • My Love Was Warm
       MY love was warm; for that I crossed
  • My Shadow
       I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
  • Ne Sit Ancillae Tibi Amor Pudor
       THERE'S just a twinkle in your eye
  • Now Bare To The Beholder's Eye
       NOW bare to the beholder's eye
  • Now When The Number Of My Years
       NOW when the number of my years
  • O Dull Cold Northern Sky
       O DULL cold northern sky,
  • On Now, Although The Year Be Done
       ON now, although the year be done,
  • Over The Land Is April
       OVER the land is April,
  • Prayer
       I ASK good things that I detest,
  • Prelude
       BY sunny market-place and street
  • Since Thou Hast Given Me This Good Hope, O God
       SINCE thou hast given me this good hope, O God,
  • Since Years Ago For Evermore
       SINCE years ago for evermore
  • Small Is The Trust When Love Is Green
       SMALL is the trust when love is green
  • So Live, So Love, So Use That Fragile Hour
       SO live, so love, so use that fragile hour,
  • Sonet VI
       As in the hostel by the bridge I sate,
  • Sonnet I
       NOR judge me light, tho' light at times I seem,
  • Sonnet II
       So shall this book wax like unto a well,
  • Sonnet III
       I have a hoard of treasure in my breast;
  • Sonnet V
       Not undelightful, friend, our rustic ease
  • Sonnet VII
       The strong man's hand, the snow-cool head of age,
  • Sonnet VIII
       As Daniel, bird-alone, in that far land,
  • Soon Our Friends Perish
       SOON our friends perish,
  • Spring Carol
       WHEN loud by landside streamlets gush,
  • Spring Song
       THE air was full of sun and birds,
  • St. Martin's Summer
       AS swallows turning backward
  • Still I Love To Rhyme
       STILL I love to rhyme, and still more, rhyming, to wander
  • Stout Marches Lead To Certain Ends
       STOUT marches lead to certain ends,
  • Strange Are The Ways Of Men
       STRANGE are the ways of men,
  • Swallows Travel To And Fro
       SWALLOWS travel to and fro,
  • Tales Of Arabia
       YES, friend, I own these tales of Arabia
  • Tempest Tossed And Sore Afflicted
       TEMPEST tossed and sore afflicted, sin defiled and care oppressed,
  • The Angler Rose, He Took His Rod
       THE angler rose, he took his rod,
  • The Bour-Tree Den
       CLINKUM-CLANK in the rain they ride,
  • The Clock's Clear Voice Into The Clearer Air
       THE cock's clear voice into the clearer air
  • The Far-Farers
       THE broad sun,
  • The Old Chimaeras. Old Recipts
       THE old Chimaeras, old receipts
  • The Piper
       AGAIN I hear you piping, for I know the tune so well,
  • The Relic Taken, What Avails The Shrine?
       THE relic taken, what avails the shrine?
  • The Summer Sun Shone Round Me
       THE summer sun shone round me,
  • The Vanquished Knight
       I HAVE left all upon the shameful field,
  • The Wind Blew Shrill And Smart
       THE wind blew shrill and smart,
  • The Wind Is Without There And Howls In The Trees
       THE wind is without there and howls in the trees,
  • This Gloomy Northern Day
       THIS gloomy northern day,
  • Thou Strainest Through The Mountain Fern
       THOU strainest through the mountain fern,
  • Though Deep Indifference Should Drowse
       THOUGH deep indifference should drowse
  • To All That Love The Far And Blue
       TO all that love the far and blue:
  • To Charles Baxter
       OUR Johnie's deid. The mair's the pity!
  • To Friends At Home
       TO friends at home, the lone, the admired, the lost
  • To Madame Garschine
       WHAT is the face, the fairest face, till Care,
  • To Marcus
       YOU have been far, and I
  • To Mesdames Zassetsky And Garschine
       THE wind may blaw the lee-gang way
  • To Miss Cornish
       THEY tell me, lady, that to-day
  • To Mrs. Macmarland
       IN Schnee der Alpen - so it runs
  • To Ottilie
       YOU remember, I suppose,
  • To Rosabelle
       WHEN my young lady has grown great and staid,
  • To Sydney
       NOT thine where marble-still and white
  • To The Commissioners Of Northern Lights
       I SEND to you, commissioners,
  • To What Shall I Compare Her?
       TO what shall I compare her,
  • Variant Form Of The Preceding Poem
       COME to me, all ye that labour; I will give your spirits rest;
  • Voluntary
       HERE in the quiet eve
  • What Man May Learn, What Man May Do
       WHAT man may learn, what man may do,
  • When The Sun Come After Rain
       WHEN the sun comes after rain
  • You Looked So Tempting In The Pew
       YOU looked so tempting in the pew,