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Dante Gabriel Rossetti


  • Aspecta Medusa ( For A Drawing)
       Andromeda, by Perseus sav'd and wed,
  • Autumn Song
       Know'st thou not at the fall of the leaf
  • From The House Of Life The Sonnet
       A Sonnet is a moment's monument,
  • Insomnia
       Thin are the night-skirts left behind
  • LXVI The Heart Of The Night
       From child to youth; from youth to arduous man;
  • LXXI The Choice, I
       Eat thou and drink; to-morrow thou shalt die.
  • LXXII The Choice, II
       Watch thou and fear; to-morrow thou shalt die.
  • LXXIII The Choice, III
       Think thou and act; to-morrow thou shalt die
  • Mary's Girlhood ( For A Picture)
       This is that blessed Mary, pre-elect
  • My Sister's Sleep
       She fell asleep on Christmas Eve:
  • Sister Helen
       "Why did you melt your waxen man
  • Sudden Light
       I have been here before,
  • The Blessed Damozel
       The blessed damozel lean'd out
  • The Cloud Confines
       The day is dark and the night
  • The Portrait
       This is her picture as she was:
  • The Woodspurge
       The wind flapp'd loose, the wind was still,
  • XCVII A Superscription
       Look in my face; my name is Might-have-been;
  • XIX Lilent Noon
       Your hands lie open in the long fresh grass,--
  • XLI Through Death To Love
        Like labour-laden moonclouds faint to flee
  • XXIX Heart's Heaven
       Sometimes she is a child within mine arms,
  • XXXVI Life-In-Love
       Not in thy body is thy life at all