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George Gordon, Lord Byron


  • 'All Is Vanity,' Saith the Preacher
       Fame, wisdom, love, and power were mine,
  • Adieu, Adieu! My Native Land
       Adieu, adieu! my native shore
  • And Thou Art Dead, As Young and Fair
       And thou art dead, as young and fair
  • And Wilt Thou Weep When I Am Low?
       And wilt thou weep when I am low?
  • Bride of Abydos, The
       "Had we never loved so kindly,
  • By the Rivers of Babylon We Sat Down and Wept
       We sat down and wept by the waters
  • Churchill's Grave
       I stood beside the grave of him who blazed
  • Damaetas
       In law an infant, and in years a boy,
  • Darkness
       I had a dream, which was not all a dream.
  • Destruction of Sennacherib, The
       The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold,
  • Dream, The
       Our life is twofold; Sleep hath its own world,
  • Euthanasia
       When Time, or soon or late, shall bring
  • Farewell To The Muse
       Thou Power! who hast ruled me through Infancy's days
  • Giaour, The
       No breath of air to break the wave
  • I Saw Thee Weep
       I saw thee weep---the big bright tear
  • I Speak Not
       I speak not, I trace not, I breathe not thy name;
  • I Would I Were a Careless Child
       I would I were a careless child,
  • I would to heaven that I were so much clay
       I would to heaven that I were so much clay,
  • Isles of Greece, The
       The isles of Greece, the isles of Greece!
  • It Is the Hour
       It is the hour when from the boughs
  • John Keats
       Who killed John Keats?
  • Lachin Y Gair
       Away, ye gay landscapes, ye garden of roses!
  • Lara
       The Serfs are glad through Lara's wide domain,
  • Love's Last Adieu
       The roses of Love glad the garden of life,
  • Maid of Athens, ere we part
       Maid of Athens, ere we part,
  • Mazeppa
       'Twas after dread Pultowa's day,
  • My Soul is Dark
       My soul is dark - Oh! quickly string
  • Ode To Napoleon Buonaparte
       'Tis done---but yesterday a King!
  • Oh! Snatched Away in Beauty's Bloom
       Oh! snatched away in beauty's bloom,
  • Oh! Weep for Those
       Oh! Weep for those that wept by Babel's stream,
  • On A Distant View Of Harrow
       Ye scenes of my childhood, whose lov'd recollection
  • On the Castle of Chillon
       Eternal Spirit of the chainless Mind!
  • Prisoner of Chillon, The
       My hair is gray, but not with years,
  • Prometheus
       Titan! to whose immortal eyes
  • Remember Him, Whom Passion's Power
       Remember him, whom Passion's power
  • Remind Me Not, Remind Me Not
       Remind me not, remind me not,
  • Reply to Some Verses of J.M.B. Pigot, Esq.
       Why, Pigot, complain of this damsel's disdain,
  • She Walks In Beauty
       She walks in Beauty, like the night
  • Siege and Conquest of Alhama, The
       The Moorish King rides up and down,
  • Siege of Corinth, The
       Many a vanish'd year and age,
  • So We'll Go No More a-Roving
       So we'll go no more a-roving
  • Solitude
       To sit on rocks, to muse o'er flood and fell,
  • Song of Saul Before His Last Battle
       Warriors and chiefs! should the shaft or the sword
  • Sonnet to Lake Leman
       Rousseau -- Voltaire -- our Gibbon -- De StaŽl --
  • Sonnet---to Genevra
       Thy cheek is pale with thought, but not from woe,
  • Stanzas Composed During A Thunderstorm
       Chill and mirk is the nightly blast,
  • Stanzas For Music
       There be none of Beauty's daughters
  • Stanzas To A Lady, On Leaving England
       'Tis done---and shivering in the gale
  • Stanzas To Jessy
       There is a mystic thread of life
  • Stanzas To The Po
       River, that rollest by the ancient walls,
  • Tear, The
       When Friendship or Love
  • There Be None of Beauty's Daughters
       There be none of Beauty's daughters
  • There Was A Time, I Need Not Name
       There was a time, I need not name,
  • Thou Whose Spell Can Raise the Dead
       Thou whose spell can raise the dead,
  • Thy Days Are Done
       Thy days are done, thy fame begun;
  • To A Beautiful Quaker
       Sweet girl! though only once we met
  • To A Lady
       O! had my Fate been join'd with thine,
  • To Caroline
       Think'st thou I saw thy beauteous eyes,
  • To M
       Oh! did those eyes, instead of fire,
  • To M. S. G.
       Whene'er I view those lips of thine,
  • To Mary, On Receiving Her Picture
       This faint resemblance of thy charms,
  • To Romance
       Parent of golden dreams, Romance!
  • To Thomas Moore
       My boat is on the shore,
  • To Time
       Time! on whose arbitrary wing
  • Vision of Judgment, The
       Saint Peter sat by the celestial gate:
  • When Coldness Wraps This Suffering Clay
       When coldness wraps this suffering clay,
  • When We Two Parted
       When we two parted
  • Written After Swimming from Sestos to Abydos
       If, in the month of dark December,