Author Picture

Joseph Rodman Drake


  • American Flag, The
       When Freedom from her mountain height
  • Bronx
       I SAT me down upon a green bank-side,
  • Culprit Fay, The
       'TIS the middle watch of a summer's night -
  • Extracts From Leon. An Unfinished Poem
       IT is a summer evening, calm and fair,
  • Fragment
       TUSCARA! thou art lovely now,
  • Hope
       See through yon cloud that rolls in wrath,
  • Lines
       DAY gradual fades, in evening gray,
  • Lines To A Lady
       YES! heaven protect thee, thou gem of the ocean;
  • Lines Written In A Lady's Album
       GRANT me, I cried, some spell of art,
  • Lines Written On Leaving New Rochelle
       WHENE'ER thy wandering footstep bends
  • Niagara
       ROAR, raging torrent! and thou, mighty river,
  • Song
       'Tis not the beam of her bright blue eye,
  • Song
       OH! go to sleep, my baby dear,
  • Song
       OH the tear is in my eye, and my heart it is breaking,
  • To -
       WHEN that eye of light shall in darkness fall,
  • To A Friend
       "You damn me with faint praise."
  • To A Lady With A Withered Violet
       THOUGH fate upon this faded flower
  • To Eva
       A BEAM upon the myrtle fell
  • To Sara
       ONE happy year has fled, Sall,