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John McCrae


  • A Song Of Comfort
       Thro' May time blossoms, with whisper low,
  • Anarchy
       I saw a city filled with lust and shame,
  • Disarmament
       One spake amid the nations, "Let us cease
  • Equality
       I saw a King, who spent his life to weave
  • Eventide
       The day is past and the toilers cease;
  • In Due Season
       If night should come and find me at my toil,
  • In Flanders Fields
       In Flanders fields the poppies blow
  • Isandlwana
       My little lad for a soldier boy,
  • Mine Host
       There stands a hostel by a travelled way;
  • Penance
       My lover died a century ago,
  • Quebec
       Of old, like Helen, guerdon of the strong --
  • Recompense
       I saw two sowers in Life's field at morn,
  • Slumber Songs
       Sleep, little eyes
  • The Anxious Dead
       O guns, fall silent till the dead men hear
  • The Captain
        Here all the day she swings from tide to tide,
  • The Dead Master
       Amid earth's vagrant noises, he caught the note sublime:
  • The Dying Of Pere Pierre
       "Nay, grieve not that ye can no honour give
  • The Harvest Of The Sea
       The earth grows white with harvest; all day long
  • The Hope Of My Heart
       I left, to earth, a little maiden fair,
  • The Night Cometh
       Cometh the night. The wind falls low,
  • The Oldest Drama
       Immortal story that no mother's heart
  • The Pilgrims
       An uphill path, sun-gleams between the showers,
  • The Shadow Of The Cross
       At the drowsy dusk when the shadows creep
  • The Song Of The Derelict
       Ye have sung me your songs, ye have chanted your rimes
  • The Unconquered Dead
       Not we the conquered! Not to us the blame
  • The Warrior
       He wrought in poverty, the dull grey days,
  • Then And Now
       Beneath her window in the fragrant night
  • Unsolved
       Amid my books I lived the hurrying years,
  • Upon Watts' Picture "Sic Transit"
       But yesterday the tourney, all the eager joy of life,