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Andrew Marvell


  • A Dialogue Between The Soul And Body
       O Who shall, from this Dungeon, raise
  • A Dialogue Between Thyrsis And Dorinda
       When Death, shall snatch us from these Kids,
  • A Dialogue, Between the Resolved Soul, And Created Pleasure
       Courage my Soul, now learn to wield
  • A Letter To Doctor Ingelo, then With My Lord Whitlock, Ambassador From The Protector To The Queen Of Sweden
       Quid facis Arctoi charissime transfuga coeli,
  • A Poem Upon The Death Of O.C.
       That Providence which had so long the care
  • Aliter
       Regibus haec posuit Ludovicus Templa futuris;
  • Aliter
       Hanc sibi Sydeream Ludovicus condidit Aulam;
  • Aliter
       Atria miraris, summotumque Aethera fecto;
  • Aliter
       Instituente domum Ludovico, prodiit Orbis;
  • Aliter
       Sunt geminae Jani Portae, sunt Tecta Tonantis;
  • Ametas And Thestylis Making Hay-Ropes
       Think'st Thou that this Love can stand,
  • An Epitaph Upon --
       Enough: and leave the rest to Fame.
  • An Horation Ode Upon Cromwell's Return From Ireland
       The forward Youth that would appear
  • Bermudas
       Where the remote Bermudas ride
  • Clorinda And Damon
       Damon come drive thy flocks this way.
  • Damon The Mower
       Heark how the Mower Damon Sung,
  • Daphnis And Chloe
       Daphnis must from Chloe part:
  • Dignissimo Suo Amico Doctori Wittie. De Translatione Vulgi Errorum D. Primrosii.
       Nempe sic innumero succrescunt agmine libri,
  • Edmundi Trotii Epitaphium
       Charissimo Filio
  • Epigramma in Duos montes Amosclivum Et Bilboreum
       Cernis ut ingenti distinguant limite campum
  • Eyes And Tears
       How wisely Nature did decree,
  • Fleckno, An English Priest At Rome.
       Oblig'd by frequent visits of this man,
  • Hortus
       Quisnam adeo, mortale genus, praecordia versat:
  • In Effigiem Oliveri Cromwell
       Haec est quae toties Inimicos Umbra fugavit,
  • In Legationem Domini Oliveri St. John Ad Provincias Foederatas
       Ingeniosa Viris contingunt Nomina magnis,
  • In The French Translation Of Lucan, By Monsieur De Brebeuf Are These Verses
       C'est de luy que nous vient cet Art ingenieux
  • Inscribenda Luparae
       Consurgit Luparae Dum non imitabile culmen,
  • Johannis Trottii Epitaphium
       Charissimo Filio &c.
  • Mourning
       You, that decipher out the Fate
  • Musicks Empire
       First was the World as one great Cymbal made,
  • On A Drop Of Dew
       See how the Orient Dew,
  • On Mr. Milton's Paradise Lost
       When I beheld the Poet blind, yet bold,
  • On The Victory Obtained By Blake Over the Spaniards, In The Bay Of Scanctacruze, In The Island Of teneriff.1657
       Now does Spains Fleet her spatious wings unfold,
  • Ros
       Cernis ut Eio descendat Gemmula Roris,
  • Senec. Traged. Ex Thyeste Chor.2
       Climb at Court for me that will
  • The Character Of Holland
       Holland, that scarce deserves the name of Land,
  • The Coronet
       When for the Thorns with which I long, too long,
  • The Definition Of Love
       My Love is of a birth as rare
  • The Fair Singer
       To make a final conquest of all me,
  • The First Anniversary Of The Government Under O.C.
       Like the vain Curlings of the Watry maze,
  • The Gallery
       Clora come view my Soul, and tell
  • The Garden
       How vainly men themselves amaze
  • The Match
       Nature had long a Treasure made
  • The Mower Against Gardens
       Luxurious Man, to bring his Vice in use,
  • The Mower To The Glo-Worms
       Ye living Lamps, by whose dear light
  • The Mower's Song
       My Mind was once the true survey
  • The Nymph Complaining For The Death Of Her Faun
       The wanton Troopers riding by
  • The Picture Of Little T.C. In A Prospect Of Flowers
       See with what simplicity
  • The Unfortunate Lover
       Alas, how pleasant are their dayes
  • To A Gentleman That Only Upon The Sight Of The Author's Writing, Had Given A Character Of His Person And Judgment Of His Fortune. Illustrissimo Vero Domino Lanceloto Josepho De Maniban Grammatomantis
       Quis posthac chartae committat sensa loquaci,
  • To His Coy Mistress
       Had we but World enough, and Time,
  • To His Worthy Friend Doctor Witty Upon His Translation Of The Popular Errors
       Sit further, and make room for thine own fame,
  • Tom May's Death
       As one put drunk into the Packet-boat,
  • Translated
       Facundis dedit ille notis, interprete plumas
  • Two Songs At the Marriage Of The Lord Fauconberg And The Lady Mary Cromwell
       Th' Astrologers own Eyes are set,
  • Upon An Eunuch; A Poet. Fragment
       Nec sterilem te crede; Licet, mulieribus exul,
  • Upon Appleton House, to My Lord Fairfax
       Within this sober Frame expect
  • Upon The Hill And Grove At Bill-borow
       See how the arched Earth does here
  • Young Love
       Come little Infant, Love me now,