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Katherine Mansfield


  • A Day in Bed
       I wish I had not got a cold,
  • A Few Rules for Beginners
       Babies must not eat the coal
  • A Fine Day
       After all the rain, the sun
  • A Joyful Song Of Five
       Come, let us all sing very high
  • A Little Boy's Dream
       To and fro, to and fro
  • A Little Girl's Prayer
       Grant me the moment, the lovely moment
  • A New Hymn
       Sing a song of men's pyjamas,
  • Across The Red Sky
       Across the red sky two birds flying,
  • Autumn Song
       Now's the time when children's noses
  • Butterfly Laughter
       In the middle of our porridge plates
  • Camomile Tea
       Outside the sky is light with stars;
  • Countrywomen
       These be two
  • Covering Wings
       Love! Love! Your tenderness
  • Deaf House Agent
       That deaf old man
  • Evening Song of the Thoughtful Child
       Shadow children, thin and small,
  • Fairy Tale
       Now this is the story of Olaf
  • Fairy Tale (2)
       Now folds the Tree of Day its perfect flowers,
  • Firelight
       Playing in the fire and twilight together,
  • Grown- Up Talk
       Half-Past-Six and I were talking
  • In the Rangitaki Valley
        valley of waving broom,
  • Jangling Memory
       Heavens above! here's an old tie of your--
  • Loneliness
       Now it is Loneliness who comes at night
  • Night- Scented Stock
       White, white in the milky night
  • Now I am a Plant, a Weed...
       Now I am a plant, a weed,
  • On a Young Lady's Sixth Anniversary
       Baby Babbles--only one,
  • Opposites
       The Half-Soled-Boots-With-Toecaps-Child
  • Out in the Garden
       Out in the garden,
  • Sanary
       Her little hot room looked over the bay
  • Sea
       The Sea called--I lay on the rocks and said:
  • Sea Song
       I will think no more of the sea! Of the big green waves And the hollowed
  • Sleeping Together
       Sleeping together... how tired you were...
  • Song by the Window Before Bed
       Little Star, little Star,
  • Song of Karen, the Dancing Child
       (O little white feet of mine)
  • Song of the Little White Girl
       Cabbage tree, cabbage tree, what is the matter?
  • Sorrowing Love
       And again the flowers are come,
  • Spring Wind in London
       I Blow across the stagnant world,
  • Stars
       Most merciful God
  • The Arabian Shawl
       "It is cold outside, you will need a coat--
  • The Awakening River
       The gulls are mad-in-love with the river,
  • The Black Monkey
       My Babbles has a nasty knack
  • The Candle
       By my bed, on a little round table
  • The Earth-Child in the Grass
       In the very early morning
  • The Family
       Hinemoa, Tui, Maina,
  • The Gulf
       A Gulf of silence separates us from each other.
  • The Lonesome Child
       The baby in the looking-glass
  • The Man with the Wooden Leg
       There was a man lived quite near us;
  • The Opal Dream Cave
       In an opal dream cave I found a fairy:
  • The Pillar Box
       The pillar box is fat and red,
  • The Quarrel
       Our quarrel seemed a giant thing,
  • The Sea- Child
       Into the world you sent her, mother,
  • The Secret
       In the profoundest ocean
  • The Storm
       I Ran to the forest for shelter,
  • The Town Between the Hills
       The further the little girl leaped and ran,
  • The Wounded Bird
       In the wide bed
  • There is a Solemn Wind To-Night
       There is a solemn wind to-night
  • There was a Child Once
       There was a child once.
  • To God the Father
       To the little, pitiful God I make my prayer,
  • To L. H. B. (1894-1915 )
       Last night for the first time since you were dead
  • Very Early Spring
       The fields are snowbound no longer;
  • Villa Pauline
       But, ah! before he came
  • Voices of the Air
       But then there comes that moment rare
  • Waves
       I saw a tiny God
  • When I was a Bird
       I climbed up the karaka tree
  • Winter Song
       Rain and wind, and wind and rain.