Author Picture

Sidney Lanier


  • Jones's Porvate Argyment
       That air same Jones, which lived in Jones,
  • My Springs
       In the heart of the Hills of Life, I know
  • "Nine From Eight"
       I was drivin' my two-mule waggin,
  • "Thar's More In the Man Than Thar Is In The Land"
       I knowed a man, which he lived in Jones,
  • A Ballad Of The Trees And The Master
       Into the woods my Master went,
  • A Birthday Song. To S. G.
       For ever wave, for ever float and shine
  • A Dedication. To Charlotte Cushman.
       As Love will carve dear names upon a tree,
  • A Florida Ghost.
        Down mildest shores of milk-white sand,
  • A Florida Sunday.
       From cold Norse caves or buccaneer Southern seas
  • A Sea-Shore Grave. To M. J. L.
       By Sidney and Clifford Lanier.
  • A Song Of Eternity In Time
        Once, at night, in the manor wood
  • A Song Of The Future.
        Sail fast, sail fast,
  • A Sunrise Song.
       Young palmer sun, that to these shining sands
  • Acknowledgment.
       O Age that half believ'st thou half believ'st,
  • An Evening Song.
       Look off, dear Love, across the sallow sands,
  • An Frau Nannette Falk-Auerbach.
       Als du im Saal mit deiner himmlischen Kunst
  • At First. To Charlotte Cushman.
       My crippled sense fares bow'd along
  • Baby Charley.
       He's fast asleep. See how, O Wife,
  • Barnacles
       My soul is sailing through the sea,
  • Clover
       Dear uplands, Chester's favorable fields,
  • Control.
       O Hunger, Hunger, I will harness thee
  • Corn.
       To-day the woods are trembling through and through
  • From The Flats.
        What heartache -- ne'er a hill!
  • Hymns Of The Marshes.
       In my sleep I was fain of their fellowship, fain
  • In Absence.
       The storm that snapped our fate's one ship in twain
  • In The Foam.
       Life swelleth in a whitening wave,
  • Ireland.
       Heartsome Ireland, winsome Ireland,
  • June Dreams, In January
       "So pulse, and pulse, thou rhythmic-hearted Noon
  • Laughter In The Senate
       In the South lies a lonesome, hungry Land;
  • Laus Mariae
       Across the brook of Time man leaping goes
  • Marsh Hymns
       Were silver pink, and had a soul,
  • Martha Washington
       Down cold snow-stretches of our bitter time,
  • Night
       Fair is the wedded reign of Night and Day.
  • Night And Day
       The innocent, sweet Day is dead.
  • Nilsson
       A rose of perfect red, embossed
  • Nirvana
       Through seas of dreams and seas of phantasies,
  • Ode To The Johns Hopkins University
        How tall among her sisters, and how fair, --
  • On A Palmetto
       Through all that year-scarred agony of height,
  • On Huntingdon's "Miranda"
       The storm hath blown thee a lover, sweet,
  • On Violet's Wafers, Sent Me When I Was Ill
       Fine-tissued as her finger-tips, and white
  • Opposition
       Of fret, of dark, of thorn, of chill,
  • Our Hills
        Dear Mother-Earth
  • Owl Against Robin
       Frowning, the owl in the oak complained him
  • Psalm Of The West
       Land of the willful gospel, thou worst and thou best;
  • Resurrection
       Sometimes in morning sunlights by the river
  • Rose-Morals
       Would that my songs might be
  • Souls And Rain-Drops
       Light rain-drops fall and wrinkle the sea,
  • Special Pleading
       Time, hurry my Love to me:
  • Spring Greeting
       All faintly through my soul to-day,
  • Strange Jokes
       Well: Death is a huge omnivorous Toad
  • Street Cries
        Oft seems the Time a market-town
  • Struggle
       My soul is like the oar that momently
  • Tampa Robins
       The robin laughed in the orange-tree:
  • The Bee
       What time I paced, at pleasant morn,
  • The Crystal
       At midnight, death's and truth's unlocking time,
  • The Dove
       If haply thou, O Desdemona Morn,
  • The Dying Words Of Stonewall Jackson
       The stars of Night contain the glittering Day
  • The Hard Times In Elfland
       Strange that the termagant winds should scold
  • The Harlequin Of Dreams
       Swift, through some trap mine eyes have never found,
  • The Jacquerie A Fragment
       Once on a time, a Dawn, all red and bright
  • The Jacquerie A Fragment
       Once on a time, a Dawn, all red and bright
  • The Mocking-Bird
       Superb and sole, upon a plumed spray
  • The Palm And The Pine
       In the far North stands a Pine-tree, lone,
  • The Power Of Prayer
       You, Dinah! Come and set me whar de ribber-roads does meet.
  • The Raven Days
       Our hearths are gone out and our hearts are broken,
  • The Revenge Of Hamish
       It was three slim does and a ten-tined buck in the bracken lay;
  • The Song Of The Chattahoochee
        Out of the hills of Habersham,
  • The Stirrup-Cup
       Death, thou'rt a cordial old and rare:
  • The Symphony
       "O Trade! O Trade! would thou wert dead!
  • The Tournament
       Bright shone the lists, blue bent the skies,
  • The Waving Of The Corn
        Ploughman, whose gnarly hand yet kindly wheeled
  • The Wedding
       O marriage-bells, your clamor tells
  • Thou And I
       So one in heart and thought, I trow,
  • To ----
        The Day was dying; his breath
  • To ----, With A Rose
       I asked my heart to say
  • To Baynard Taylor
       To range, deep-wrapt, along a heavenly height,
  • To Beethoven
       In o'er-strict calyx lingering,
  • To Charlotte Cushman
       Look where a three-point star shall weave his beam
  • To Dr. Thomas Shearer
       Since you, rare friend! have tied my living tongue
  • To J. D. H.
       Dear friend, forgive a wild lament
  • To My Class: On Certain Fruits And Flowers Sent Me In Sickness
       If spicy-fringed pinks that blush and pale
  • To Nannette Falk-Auerbach
       Oft as I hear thee, wrapt in heavenly art,
  • To Our Mocking-Bird
       Trillets of humor, -- shrewdest whistle-wit, --
  • To Wilhelmina
       A white face, drooping, on a bending neck:
  • Uncle Jim's Baptist Revival Hymn
       This state of things -- when the delicate young rootlets of the cotton
  • Under The Cedarcroft Chestnut
       Trim set in ancient sward, his manful bole
  • Wedding-Hymn
       Thou God, whose high, eternal Love