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Robert Burns


  • A Bard's Epitaph
       Is there a whim-inspired fool,
  • A Bottle And Friend
       There's nane that's blest of human kind,
  • A Dedication
       Expect na, sir, in this narration,
  • A Dream
       Guid-Mornin' to our Majesty!
  • A Fiddler In The North
       Amang the trees, where humming bees,
  • A Grace After Dinner
       O thou, in whom we live and move-
  • A Grace Before Dinner
       O thou who kindly dost provide
  • A Health To Ane I Loe Dear
       Chorus-Here's a health to ane I loe dear,
  • A Lass Wi' A Tocher
       Awa' wi' your witchcraft o' Beauty's alarms,
  • A Man's a Man for A' That
       Is there for honesty poverty
  • A Mother's Lament For the Death of Her Son.
       Fate gave the word, the arrow sped,
  • A New Psalm For The Chapel Of Kilmarnock
       O sing a new song to the Lord,
  • A Poets's Welcome to His Love-Begotten Daughter
       Thou's welcome, wean; mishanter fa' me,
  • A Red, Red Rose
       O, my Luve's like a red, red rose,
  • A Rose-Bud By My Early Walk
       A Rose-bud by my early walk,
  • A Stanza Added In A Mason Lodge
       Then fill up a bumper and make it o'erflow,
  • A Tippling Ballad
       When Princes and Prelates,
  • A Vision
       As I stood by yon roofless tower,
  • A Waukrife Minnie
       Whare are you gaun, my bonie lass,
  • A Winter Night
       When biting Boreas, fell and doure,
  • Adam Armour's Prayer
       Gude pity me, because I'm little!
  • Address Of Beelzebub
       Long life, my Lord, an' health be yours,
  • Address Spoken by Miss Fontenelle on her Benefit Night, December 4th, 1793
       Still anxious to secure your partial favour,
  • Address To A Haggis
       Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
  • Address To Edinburgh
       Edina! Scotia's darling seat!
  • Address to the Devil
       O Thou! whatever title suit thee-
  • Address To The Shade Of Thomson
       While virgin Spring by Eden's flood,
  • Address To The Toothache
       My curse upon your venom'd stang,
  • Address To The Unco Guid, Or The Rigidly Righteous
       My Son, these maxims make a rule,
  • Address To The Woodlark
       O stay, sweet warbling woodlark, stay,
  • Address To Wm. Tytler, Esq., Of Woodhouselee
       Revered defender of beauteous Stuart,
  • Ae Fond Kiss, And Then We Sever
       Ae fond kiss, and then we sever;
  • Afton Water
       Flow gently, sweet Afton, among thy green braes,
  • Again Rejoicing Nature Sees
       Again rejoicing nature see
  • Ah, Woe Is Me, My Mother Dear
       Ah, woe is me, my mother dear!
  • Altho' He Has Left Me
       Altho' he has left me for greed o' the siller,
  • Anna
       Yestreen I had a pint o' wine
  • Auld Farmer's New-Year-Morning Salutation to His Auld Mare, Maggie On giving her the accustomed ripp of corn to hansel in the New-Year, The
       A Guide New-year I wish thee, Maggie!
  • Auld Lang Syne
       Should auld acquaintance be forgot
  • Banks O' Doon, The
       Ye banks and braes o' bonie Doon,
  • Battle Of Sherramuir, The
       "O cam ye here the fight to shun,
  • Birks Of Aberfeldie, The
       Now simmer blinks on flow'ry braes,
  • Bonie Peggy Alison
       And I'll kiss thee yet, yet,
  • Bonie Wee Thing, The
       Chorus:- Bonie wee thing, cannie wee thing,
  • Bonnie Lesley
       O saw ye bonnie Lesley
  • Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes
       Ca' the yowes to the knowes,
  • Carigieburn Wood
       Sweet fa's the eve on Craigieburn
  • Comin Thro' The Rye
       O, Jenny's a' weet, poor body,
  • Cotter's Saturday Night, The
       My lov'd, my honour'd, much respected friend!
  • Death and Dying Words of Poor Mailie, The
       As Mailie, an' her lambs thegither,
  • Despondency -- An Ode
       Oppress'd with grief, oppress'd with care
  • Duncan Gray
       Duncan Gray came here to woo,
  • Epitaph on Holy Willie
       Oppress'd with grief, oppress'd with care
  • First Six Verses Of The Ninetieth Psalm Versified, The
       O Thou, the first, the greatest friend
  • For A' That and A' That
       Is there, for honest poverty,
  • From Lines to William Simson
       Auld Coila now may fidge fu' fain,
  • Handsome Nell
       Once I lov'd a bonie lass,
  • Here's A Health To Them That's Awa
       Here's a health to them that's awa
  • Here's To Thy Health
       Here's to thy health, my bonie lass,
  • Highland Mary
       Ye banks, and braes, and streams around
  • Holy Fair, The
       Upon a simmer Sunday morn,
  • Holy Willie's Prayer
       O Thou, that in the heavens does dwell,
  • I Dream'd I Lay
       I dream'd I lay where flowers were springing
  • In The Character Of A Ruined Farmer
       The sun he is sunk in the west,
  • It was a' for our Rightful King
       It was a' for our rightful king
  • John Anderson, My Jo
       John Anderson, my jo, John,
  • John Barleycorn: A Ballad
       There was three kings unto the east,
  • Lament of Mary, Queen of Scots, On the Apporch of Spring
       Now Nature hangs her mantle green
  • Lass Of Cessnock Banks, The
       On Cessnock banks a lassie dwells;
  • Lass That Made the Bed to Me, The
       When Januar' wind was blawing cauld,
  • Last May a Braw Wooer
       Last May a braw wooer cam down the lang glen,
  • Lines on the Fall of Fyers Near Loch Ness
       Among the heathy hills and ragged woods
  • Love in the Guise of Frindship
       Talk not of love, it gives me pain,
  • Mary Morison
       O Mary, at thy window be
  • Montgomerie's Peggy
       Altho' my bed were in yon muir,
  • My Highland Lassie, O
       Nae gentle dames, tho' e'er sae fair
  • Now Spring Has Clad The Grove In Green
       Now spring has clad the grove in green
  • Ny Nannie, O
       Behind yon hills, where Lugar flows
  • O Thou Dread Power
       O Thou dread Power, who reign'st above,
  • O Tibbie, I Hae Seen The Day
       O Tibbie, I hae seen the day,
  • O, Were My Love
       O, were my love yon lilac fair
  • Of a' the Airts
       Of a' the airts the wind can blaw
  • On A Bank Of Flowers
       On a bank of flowers in a summer day
  • Paraphrase Of The First Psalm
       The man, in life wherever plac'd,
  • Peggy
       Now westlin winds and slaught'ring guns
  • Ploughman's Life, The
       As I was a-wand'ring ae morning in spring,
  • Poor Mailie's Elegy
       Lament in rhyme, lament in prose,
  • Prayer, Under The Pressure Of Violent Anguish
       O Thou Great Being! what Thou art,
  • Rigs O' Barley, The
       It was upon a Lammas night,
  • Ronalds Of The Bennals, The
       In Tarbolton, ye ken, there are proper young men,
  • Scotch Drink
       Let other poets raise a fracas
  • Scots Wha Hae
       Scots, wha hae wi Wallace bled
  • Tam Glen
       My heart is a-breaking, dear Tittie,
  • Tam O' Shanter
       When chapman billies leave the street,
  • Tarbolton Lasses, The
       If ye gae up to yon hill-tap,
  • Tarbolton Lasses, The
       If ye gae up to yon hill-tap,
  • Tear-drop, The
       Wae is my heart, and the tear's in my e'e;
  • Thou Lingering Star
       Thou lingering star, with less'ning ray,
  • To A Kiss
       Humid seal of soft affections,
  • To A Louse
       Ha! whare ye gaun' ye crowlin ferlie?
  • To a Mountain Daisy
       Wee, modest, crimson-tippèd flow'r,
  • To A Mouse
       Wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim'rous beastie,
  • To The Wood-Lark
       O stay, sweet warbling wood-lark, stay,
  • Tragic Fragment
       All devil as I am-a damned wretch,
  • Up in the Morning Early
       Cauld blaws the wind frae east to west,
  • Verses to Clarinda
       Fair Empress of the poet's soul,
  • Willie Wastle
       Willie Wastle dwalt on Tweed,
  • Winter: A Dirge
       The wintry west extends his blast,
  • Wounded Hare, The
       Inhuman man! curse on thy barb'rous art,
  • Ye Flowery Banks (Bonie Doon)
       Ye flowery banks o' bonie Doon,