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Rupert Brooke


  • A Channel Passage
       The damned ship lurched and slithered. Quiet and quick
  • A Letter to a Live Poet
       Sir, since the last Elizabethan died,
  • A Memory (From A Sonnet- Sequence)
       Somewhile before the dawn I rose, and stept
  • And love has changed to kindliness
       When love has changed to kindliness --
  • Ante Aram
       Before thy shrine I kneel, an unknown worshipper
  • Beauty and Beauty
       When Beauty and Beauty meet
  • Beginning, The
       Some day I shall rise and leave my friend
  • Blue Evening
       My restless blood now lies a-quiver
  • Busy Heart, The
       Now that we've done our best and worst, and parted
  • Call, The
       Out of the nothingness of sleep
  • Charm, The
       In darkness the loud sea makes moan
  • Chilterns, The
       Your hands, my dear, adorable
  • Choriambics -- I
       Ah! not now, when desire burns, and the wind calls, and the suns of sprin
  • Choriambics -- II
       Here the flame that was ash, shrine that was void
  • Clouds
       Down the blue night the unending columns press
  • Dawn
       Opposite me two Germans snore and sweat.
  • Day And Night
       Through my heart's palace Thoughts unnumbered throng
  • Day That I Have Loved
       Tenderly, day that I have loved, I close your eyes
  • Dead Men's Love
       There was a damned successful Poet
  • Desertion
       So light we were, so right we were, so fair faith shone
  • Dining- Room Tea
       When you were there, and you, and you
  • Doubts
       When she sleeps, her soul, I know
  • Dust
       When the white flame in us is gone
  • Failure
       Because God put His adamantine fat
  • Finding
       From the candles and dumb shadows
  • Fish, The
       In a cool curving world he lie
  • Flight
       Voices out of the shade that cried
  • Funeral Of Youth, The: Threnody
       The day that YOUTH had died
  • Goddess In The Wood, The
       In a flowered dell the Lady Venus stood
  • Great Lover, The
       I have been so great a lover: filled my day
  • Hauntings
       In the grey tumult of these after year
  • He Wonders Whether To Praise Or To Blame Her
       I have peace to weigh your worth, now all is over
  • Heaven
       Fish (fly-replete, in depth of June
  • Hill, The
       Breathless, we flung us on the windy hill
  • Home
       I came back late and tired last night
  • I. Peace
       Now, God be thanked Who has matched us with His hour
  • II. Safety
       Dear! of all happy in the hour, most bles
  • III. The Dead
       Blow out, you bugles, over the rich Dead
  • In Examination
       Lo! from quiet skie
  • IV. The Dead
       These hearts were woven of human joys and cares
  • Jealousy
       When I see you, who were so wise and cool
  • Jolly Company, The
       The stars, a jolly company
  • Kindliness
       When love has changed to kindliness -
  • Libido
       How should I know? The enormous wheels of wil
  • Life Beyond, The
       He wakes, who never thought to wake again
  • Lines Written In The Belief That The Ancient Roman Festival Of The Dead Was Called Ambarvalia
       Swings the way still by hollow and hill
  • Love
       Love is a breach in the walls, a broken gate
  • Mary and Gabriel
       Young Mary, loitering once her garden way
  • Menelaus and Helen
       Hot through Troy's ruin Menelaus broke
  • Mummia
       As those of old drank mummi
  • Mutability
       They say there's a high windless world and strange,
  • Night Journey, The
       Hands and lit faces eddy to a line
  • Old Vicarage, The - Grantchester
       Just now the lilac is in bloom,
  • On The Death Of Smet-Smet, The Hippopotamus- Goddess
       She was wrinkled and huge and hideous? She was our Mother.
  • One Before the Last, The
       I dreamt I was in love again
  • One Day
       Today I have been happy. All the day
  • Paralysis
       For moveless limbs no pity I crave
  • Pine-Trees And The Sky: Evening
       I'd watched the sorrow of the evening sky
  • Retrospect
       In your arms was still delight
  • Seaside
       Swiftly out from the friendly lilt of the band
  • Second Best
       Here in the dark, O heart
  • Sleeping Out: Full Moon
       They sleep within. . .
  • Song
       "Oh! Love," they said, "is King of Kings
  • Song
       All suddenly the wind comes soft
  • Song of the Beasts, The
       Come away! Come away!
  • Song of the Pilgrims, The
       What light of unremembered skies
  • Sonnet (Suggested By Some Of The Proceedings Of The Society For Psychical Research )
       Not with vain tears, when we're beyond the sun
  • Sonnet: I said I splendidly loved you; it's not true
       I said I splendidly loved you; it's not true
  • Sonnet: Oh! Death will find me, long before I tire
       Oh! Death will find me, long before I tir
  • Success
       I think if you had loved me when I wanted
  • There's Wisdom In Women
       "Oh love is fair, and love is rare;" my dear one she said
  • Thoughts On The Shape Of The Human Body
       How can we find? how can we rest? how ca
  • Tiare Tahiti
       Mamua, when our laughter ends
  • Town and Country
       Here, where love's stuff is body, arm and sid
  • Treasure, The
       When colour goes home into the eyes
  • Unfortunate
       Heart, you are restless as a paper scrap
  • V. The Soldier
       If I should die, think only this of me
  • Victory
       All night the ways of Heaven were desolate
  • Vision Of The Archangels, The
       Slowly up silent peaks, the white edge of the world,
  • Voice, The
       Safe in the magic of my wood
  • Wagner
       Creeps in half wanton, half asleep
  • Waikiki
       Warm perfumes like a breath from vine and tree
  • Way That Lovers Use, The
       The way that lovers use is this
  • Wayfarers, The
       Is it the hour? We leave this resting-plac