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Arphra Behn


  • A Congratulatory Poem
       While my sad Muse the darkest Covert Sought,
  • A Thousand Martyrs I Have Made
       A thousand Martyrs I have made,
  • Disappointment, The
       One Day the Amarous Lisander,
  • Dream, The
       All trembling in my arms Aminta lay,
  • Epitaph on the Tombstone of a Child
       This Little, Silent, Gloomy Monument,
  • Love Arm'd
       Love in Fantastique Triumph satt,
  • On the Death of E. Waller, Esq.
       How, to thy Sacred Memory, shall I bring
  • On the Death of the late Earl of Rochester
       Mourn, Mourn, ye Muses, all your loss deplore,
  • Song
       Oh love! that stronger art than Wine,
  • Song from Abdelazar
       Love in fantastic triumph sat,
  • To the Fair Clarinda
       Fair lovely Maid, or if that Title be