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Matthew Arnold


  • A Wish
       I ask not that my bed of death
  • Apollo Musagetes
       Through the black, rushing smoke-bursts,
  • Bacchanalia or The New Age
       The evening comes, the fields are still.
  • Buried Life, The
       Light flows our war of mocking words, and yet
  • Cadmus and Harmonia
       Far, far from here,
  • Consolation
       Mist clogs the sunshine
  • Dover Beach
       The sea is calm to-night
  • East London
       'Twas August, and the fierce sun overhead
  • Forsaken Merman, The
       Come, dear children, let us away
  • From the Hymn of Empedocles
       Is it so small a thing
  • Future, The
       A wanderer is man from his birth
  • Growing Old
       What is it to grow old?
  • Hayeswater
       A region desolate and wild.
  • Immortality
       Foil'd by our fellow-men, depress'd, outworn,
  • Isolation: To Marguerite
       We were apart; yet, day by day,
  • Last Word, The
       Creep into thy narrow bed,
  • Lines Written in Kensington Gardens
       In this lone, open glade I lie,
  • Longing
       Come to me in my dreams, and then
  • Memorial Verses: April 1850
       Goethe in Weimar sleeps, and Greece
  • Morality
       We cannot kindle when we wil
  • Mycerinus
       "Not by the justice that my father spurn'd
  • Obermann Once More
       Glion?--Ah, twenty years, it cuts
  • Pagan World, The
       In his cool hall, with haggard eyes,
  • Palladium
       Set where the upper streams of Simois flow
  • Philomela
       Hark! ah, the nightingale-
  • Quiet Work
       One lesson, Nature, let me learn of thee,
  • Requiescat
       Strew on her roses, roses
  • Rugby Chapel
       Coldly, sadly descend
  • Scholar-Gipsy, The
       Go, for they call you, shepherd, from the hill;
  • Self-Dependence
       Weary of myself, and sick of askin
  • Shakespeare
       Others abide our question. Thou art free
  • Sohrab and Rustum
       And the first grey of morning fill'd the east,
  • Song of Callicles, The
       Through the black, rushing smoke-bursts,
  • Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse
       Through Alpine meadows soft-suffused
  • Strayed Reveller, The
       Faster, faster,
  • Thyrsis a Monody
       How changed is here each spot man makes or fills!
  • To a Friend
       Who prop, thou ask'st in these bad days, my mind?--
  • To a Republican Friend
       God knows it, I am with you. If to prize
  • To Marguriet: Continued
       Yes! in the sea of life enisled,
  • Voice, The
       As the kindling glances,
  • West London
       Crouch'd on the pavement close by Belgrave Square
  • Worldly Place
       Even in a palace, life may be led well!
  • Youth and Calm
       'Tis death! and peace, indeed, is here,