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Edward Thomas


  • A Private
       This ploughman dead in battle slept out of doors
  • Adlestrop
       Yes, I remember Adlestrop --
  • Beauty
       WHAT does it mean? Tired, angry, and ill at ease,
  • Bob's Lane
       Women he liked, did shovel-bearded Bob,
  • Celandine
       Thinking of her had saddened me at first,
  • Cock-Crow
       OUT of the wood of thoughts that grows by night
  • If I Should Ever By Chance
       IF I should ever by chance grow rich
  • Lights Out
       I have come to the borders of sleep,
  • October
       The green elm with the one great bough of gold
  • Rain
       Rain, midnight rain, nothing but the wild rain
  • Snow
       In the gloom of whiteness,
  • Sowing
       IT was a perfect day
  • Tall Nettles
       TALL nettles cover up, as they have done
  • Thaw
       OVER the land half freckled with snow half-thawed
  • The Cherry Trees
       The cherry trees bend over and are shedding,
  • The Long Small Room
       THE long small room that showed willows in the west
  • The Manor Farm
       THE rock-like mud unfroze a little, and rills
  • The New House
       NOW first, as I shut the door,
  • The Owl
       DOWNHILL I came, hungry, and yet not starved,
  • The Path
       RUNNING along a bank, a parapet
  • The Sign-Post
       The dim sea glints chill. The white sun is shy,
  • The Trumpet
       Rise up, rise up,
  • The Word
       There are so many things I have forgot,
  • When First I Came Here
       WHEN first I came here I had hope,