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Robert W. Service


  • "Fighting Mac"
       A pistol shot rings round and round the world;
  • A Song of the Sandbags
       No, Bill, I'm not a-spooning out no patriotic tosh
  • Bessie's Boil
       Says I to my Missis: "Ba goom, lass! you've something, I see, on your mind."
  • Comfort
       Say! You've struck a heap of trouble --
  • Fleurette
       The Wounded Canadian Speaks:
  • Good-Bye, Little Cabin
       O dear little cabin, I've loved you so long,
  • Grand-Pere
       And so when he reached my bed
  • Grin
       If you're up against a brusier and you're getting knocked about --
  • L'Envoi
       You who have lived in the land,
  • Madame La Marquise
       Said Hongray de la Glaciere unto his proud Papa:
  • Maternity
       There once was a Square, such a square little Square,
  • Music in the Bush
       O'er the dark pines she sees the silver moon,
  • My Foe
       GURR! You cochon! Stand and fight!
  • My Madonna
       I haled me a woman from the street,
  • My Mate
       I've been sittin' starin', starin' at 'is muddy pair of boots,
  • New Year's Eve
       It's cruel cold on the water-front, silent and dark and drear;
  • On the Wire
       O God, take the sun from the sky!
  • Over The Parapet
       All day long when the shells sail over
  • Quatrains
       One said: Thy life is thine to make or mar,
  • The Ballad of the Ice-Worm Cocktail
       To Dawson Town came Percy Brown from London on the Thames.
  • The Call of the Wild
       Have you gazed on naked grandeur where there's nothing else to gaze on,
  • The Cremation of Sam McGee
       There are strange things done in the midnight sun
  • The Harpy
       There was a woman, and she was wise; woefully wise was she;
  • The Heart of the Sourdough
       There where the mighty mountains bare their fangs unto the moon,
  • The Idealist
       Oh you who have daring deeds to tell!
  • The Land God Forgot
       The lonely sunsets flare forlorn
  • The Law of the Yukon
       This is the law of the Yukon, and ever she makes it plain:
  • The Little Old Log Cabin
       When a man gits on his uppers in a hard-pan sort of town,
  • The Lone Trail
       Ye who know the Lone Trail fain would follow it,
  • The Low-Down White
       This is the pay-day up at the mines, when the bearded brutes come down;
  • The Lure of Little Voices
       There's a cry from out the loneliness -- oh, listen, Honey, listen!
  • The March of the Dead
       The cruel war was over -- oh, the triumph was so sweet!
  • The Men That Don't Fit In
       There's a race of men that don't fit in,
  • The Parson's Son
       This is the song of the parson's son, as he squats in his shack alone,
  • The Pines
       We sleep in the sleep of ages, the bleak, barbarian pines;
  • The Premonition
       'Twas a year ago and the moon was bright
  • The Reckoning
       It's fine to have a blow-out in a fancy restaurant,
  • The Rhyme of the Remittance Man
       There's a four-pronged buck a-swinging in the shadow of my cabin,
  • The Rhyme of the Restless Ones
       We couldn't sit and study for the law;
  • The Shooting of Dan McGrew
       A bunch of the boys were whooping it up in the Malamute saloon;
  • The Song of the Wage-slave
       When the long, long day is over, and the Big Boss gives me my pay,
  • The Spell of the Yukon
       I wanted the gold, and I sought it,
  • The Stretcher-Bearer
       My stretcher is one scarlet stain,
  • The Telegraph Operator
       I will not wash my face;
  • The Three Voices
       The waves have a story to tell me,
  • The Tramps
       Can you recall, dear comrade, when we tramped God's land together,
  • The Woman and the Angel
       An angel was tired of heaven, as he lounged in the golden street;
  • The Younger Son
       If you leave the gloom of London and you seek a glowing land,
  • Tri-Colour
       Poppies, you try to tell me, glowing there in the wheat;
  • Unforgotten
       I know a garden where the lilies gleam,
  • Young Fellow My Lad
       "Where are you going, Young Fellow My Lad,