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Henry Vaughan


  • Christ's Nativity
       Awake, glad heart! get up and sing!
  • I Walk'd the Other Day
       I walk'd the other day, to spend my hour,
  • Peace
       My Soul, there is a country
  • The Evening-Watch: A Dialogue
       Farewell! I go to sleep; but when
  • The Morning-Watch
       O joys! infinite sweetness! with what flow'rs
  • The Retreat
       Happy those early days, when I
  • The Revival
       Unfold! unfold! Take in His light,
  • The Star
       Whatever 'tis, whose beauty here below
  • The Water-Fall
       With what deep murmurs through time's silent stealth
  • The World
        I saw Eternity the other night,
  • They are all Gone into the World of Light
       They are all gone into the world of light!