Author Picture

Isabella Valancy Crawford


  • Camp of Souls, The
       My white canoe, like the silvery air
  • Canoe, The
       My masters twain made me a bed
  • Dark Stag, The
       A startled stag, the blue-grey Night,
  • His Mother
       In the first dawn she lifted from her bed
  • His Sweetheart
       Sylvia's lattices were dark­
  • His Wife and Baby
       In the lone place of the leaves,
  • Lily Bed, The
       His cedar paddle, scented, red,
  • Mother's Soul, The
       When the moon was horned the mother died,
  • Rose, The
       The Rose was given to man for this:
  • Said the West Wind
       I love old earth! Why should I lift my wings,
  • Songs for the Soldiers
       If songs be sung let minstrels strike their harps