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William Wilfred Campbell


  • An October Evening
       The woods are haggard and lonely,
  • Avenging Angel, The
       When the last faint red of the day is dead,
  • Bereavement of the Fields
       Soft fall the February snows, and soft
  • Blind Caravan, The
       I am a slave, both dumb and blind,
  • Dread Voyage, The
       Trim the sails the weird stars under—
  • End of the Furrow, The
       When we come to the end of the furrow,
  • Higher Kinship, The
       Life is too grim with anxious, eating care
  • How one Winter Came in the Lake Region
       For weeks and weeks the autumn world stood still,
  • Out of Pompeii
       She lay, face downward, on her beaded arm,
  • Pan the Fallen
       He wandered into the market
  • Politician, The
       Carven in leathern mask or brazen face,
  • Sky Watcher, The
       Black rolls the phantom chimney-smoke
  • Stella Flammarum: An Ode to Halley's Comet
       Strange wanderer out of the deeps,
  • Winter Lakes, The
       Out in a world of death far to the northward lying,