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Anne Brontė


  • A Fragment
       'Maiden, thou wert thoughtless once
  • A Hymn
       Eternal power of earth and air,
  • A Prisoner in a Dungeon Deep
       A prisoner in a dungeon deep
  • A Reminiscence
       Yes, thou art gone! and never more
  • A Voice From The Dungeon
       I'm buried now; I've done with life;
  • A Word To The 'Elect'
       You may rejoice to think yourselves secure;
  • A Word To The Calvinists
       You may rejoice to think yourselves secure,
  • Alexander And Zenobia
       Fair was the evening and brightly the sun
  • An Orphan's Lament
       She's gone -- and twice the summer's sun
  • Appeal
       Oh, I am very weary,
  • Arbour, The
       I'll rest me in this sheltered bower,
  • Bluebell, The
       A fine and subtle spirit dwells
  • Call Me Away
       Call me away; there's nothing here,
  • Captive Dove, The
       Poor restless dove, I pity thee;
  • Captive's Dream, The
       Methought I saw him but I knew him not;
  • Confidence
       Oppressed with sin and woe,
  • Consolation, The
       Though bleak these woods and damp the ground
  • Despondency
       I have gone backward in the work,
  • Doubter's Prayer, The
       Eternal Power, of earth and air!
  • Dreams
       While on my lonely couch I lie,
  • Farewell
       Farewell to thee! but not farewell
  • Fluctuations
       What though the sun had left my sky;
  • Fragment
       Yes I will take a cheerful tone
  • Gloomily the Clouds
       Gloomily the clouds are sailing
  • Home
       How brightly glistening in the sun
  • If This Be All
       O God! if this indeed be all
  • In Memory of a Happy Day in February
       Blessed be Thou for all the joy
  • Last Lines
       A dreadful darkness closes in
  • Lines Composed in a Wood on a Windy Day
       My soul is awakened, my spirit is soaring
  • Lines Inscribed on The Wall of a Dungeon in The Southern P of I
       Though not a breath can enter here,
  • Lines Written at Thorp Green
       That summer sun, whose genial glow
  • Lines Written From Home
       Though bleak these woods and damp the ground
  • Memory
       Brightly the sun of summer shone
  • Mirth And Mourning
       'O cast away your sorrow; --
  • Monday Night May 11th 1846 / Domestic Peace
       Why should such gloomy silence reign;
  • Music on Christmas Morning
       Music I love -­ but never strain
  • My God! O let me call Thee mine!
       My God! O let me call Thee mine!
  • Narrow Way, The
       Believe not those who say
  • Night
       I love the silent hour of night,
  • North Wind, The
       That wind is from the North, I know it well;
  • Oh, They have Robbed Me of The Hope
       Oh, they have robbed me of the hope
  • Parting Address From Z.Z. To A.E.
       O weep not, love! each tear that springs
  • Parting, The
       The chestnut steed stood by the gate
  • Parting, The (2)
       The lady of Alzerno's hall
  • Past Days
       'Tis strange to think there was a time
  • Penitent, The
       I mourn with thee and yet rejoice
  • Power of Love
       Love, indeed thy strength is mighty
  • Retirement
       O, let me be alone a while,
  • Self Communion
       'The mist is resting on the hill;
  • Self-Congratulation
       Ellen, you were thoughtless once
  • Severed and Gone
       Severed and gone, so many years!
  • Song
       We know where deepest lies the snow,
  • Song 2
       Come to the banquet -- triumph in your songs!
  • Stanzas
       Oh, weep not, love! each tear that springs
  • Student's Serenade, The
       I have slept upon my couch
  • Three Guides, The
       Spirit of earth! thy hand is chill.
  • To --------
       I will not mourn thee, lovely one,
  • To Cowper
       Sweet are thy strains, Celestial Bard;
  • Vanitas Vanitatis, Etc.
       In all we do, and hear, and see,
  • Vanitas Vanitatum, Omnia Vanitas
       In all we do, and hear, and see,
  • Verses by Lady Geralda
       Why, when I hear the stormy breath
  • Verses To A Child
       O raise those eyes to me again
  • Views of Life
       When sinks my heart in hopeless gloom,
  • Weep Not Too Much
       Weep not too much, my darling;
  • Yes Thou Art Gone
       Yes, thou art gone! and never more
  • Z---------'s Dream
       I dreamt last night; and in that dream