Author Picture

Charlotte Brontė


  • Apostasy
       This last denial of my faith,
  • Evening Solace
       The human heart has hidden treasures,
  • Frances
       She will not sleep, for fear of dreams,
  • Gilbert
       Above the city hung the moon,
  • Letter, The
       What is she writing? Watch her now,
  • Life
       Life, believe, is not a drea
  • Mementos
       Arranging long-locked drawers and shelves
  • Missionary, The
       Lough, vessel, plough the British main
  • On The Death Of Anne Brontė
       There's little joy in life for me
  • Parting
       There's no use in weeping,
  • Passion
       Some have won a wild delight
  • Pilate's Wife's Dream
       I've quenched my lamp, I struck it in that star
  • Pleasure
       True pleasure breathes not city air,
  • Preference
       Not in scorn do I reprove thee
  • Presentiment
       "Sister, you've sat there all the day,
  • Regret
       Long ago I wished to leave
  • Speak of the North! A Lonely Moor
       Speak of the North! A lonely moor
  • Stanzas
       If thou be in a lonely place
  • Teacher's Monologue, The
       The room is quiet, thoughts alone
  • Wife's Will, The
       Sit still­ a word ­a breath may break
  • Winter Stores
       We take from life one little share
  • Wood, The
       But two miles more, and then we rest !