About Us

The purpose of The Poetry Archive is to provide a simple interface into a dynamicially generated, database driven website archiving thousands of copyright free poems. Exception: The sole exception to our copyright free policy is translated poetry - each translator is considered to be an artist with regard to his or her translation. As a result, each recent translation we archive is considered protected by international copyright law. In each case we obtained special permission to include these works into our collection.

Our goal is to provide the largest free archive of classical poetry available on the internet with a simple user interface.

This site is funded completely through advertising. At present all funds are being used to develop the website and pay for web hosting services.

Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy is available at /poetry/?page=privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy please contact the administrator.

About Emule:
eMule is a educational archiving entity whose goal is to bring content to the internet which otherwise would not be provided in mass. Projects under development by eMule include Classical Poetry and Royalty and topics. eMule strives to generate traffic by providing the largest archive possible funded entirely through sponsorships. eMule is based in Marietta, Georgia, USA. For more information about eMule please view our contact page or visit us on the web at: