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New eMule

Fri, 3 May, 2013

New eMule

The new eMule brings new features that make this program the ideal one for sharing and downloading files efficiently.

eMule is now compatible with the BitTorrent and it incorporates a Torrent search engine in the same program, so if you want to search Torrents files you don’t have to go to any other web.

You can use it simply by clicking on the search engine of the new eMule which is more stable and intuitive. With eMule you can share and download files from both networks.

With the new eMule you can use the network eDonkey2000 (eMule) and the BitTorrent protocol simultaneously and this gives you access to more content.

eMule is no longer limited to Windows users. We have also created the Apple version for Mac OS X users.

We have updated all libraries and the eMule programmation code so with this we get an eMule completely compatible and stable with all versions of Windows and Mac OS X.

We should bare in mind that eMule incorporates a chat with which you can communicate with the users that share files with you.

The new version of eMule has a simplified menu so we make it easy to handle.

Briefly, eMule is free, fast, safe and easy to use. eMule is the file sharing software that never dies. The classic one but now with its new features, it makes it an unstoppable program since its uses can be unlimited. From distributing large files for businesses to share your own productions as a musician.

As easy as clicking the right mouse button to select the file you want to share.

You do not need to register and configure servers that represent an extra expense.

In this way you can directly send to your customers or users the file you want.

New eMule