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eMule Server

How to update eMule servers?

  1. To update emule server

    , open eMule and click on the Preferences section and then select Server. Check the boxes shown below (but do not click OK yet):

    emule server
  2. Next, click on the Edit button located in the top-right corner. A blank Notepad will open. Insert the following address:

    emule server
  3. Close the Notepad window and when the system asks if you would like to Save, click OK. Once the notepad has been saved, click on the Apply and OK buttons to conclude in our Preferences section.
    Note: As of now, the eMule server will be updated.

Connecting to eMule server without having to open and close eMule

  1. In the main eMule screen, you will see Update Server.met from URL on the right along with a text box to be completed directly below. Copy the following link and paste it in the text box:

    emule server
  2. Click on Update
    Note: You will no longer have to open and close eMule in order for the eMule server to be updated.

List of eMule servers to add manually

  1. In the main eMule screen, you will see the New Server, section on the right, where you will also have to complete the IP, Port and Name fields.
    emule server
  2. Below is a list of the IPs for the eMule servers you need. Do not add any others that are not reliable. Add the list one by one.
    eMule server list 2017 Updated
    Emule Security 1
    Emule Security 2
    Emule Security 3
    Emule Security 4
    Donkeys bridge for kademlia users
    TV Underground 1
    Operated by
    Note: If you have another IP that is not included in this list, it may be a False Server that contains corrupt or defective files and so we recommend that you not install it.


  1. Do not add unknown IPs since they may be corrupt or “Spies”(servers that gather your information and then sell it to companies)
  2. When searching for eMule Servers, note that they have the best Ping-Number of Users relation.
  3. We recommend that you only use the list of eMule servers provided earlier, and if you would like to give Priority to a specific server, right-click on that server, select Priority and then “High”:
    emule server

Reconnecting eMule if the connection is lost

  1. Click on the Preferences section and select Connection. Check the Reconnect when connection is lost box
    eMule server
  2. Check on Apply and OK.
    Note: This allows you to always connect to the eMule servers of your preference.

Installing updated eMule IP for improved operation and security

Latest eMule IP: IP Filter v0003b To instal this IP, complete the following steps:
  1. Click on the Preferences section and select Security. Check the Filter Servers box and insert the following link in the Update from URL textbox:
    emule server
  2. Once you have inserted the link, click on Load.
  3. Complete the process by clicking on Apply and OK.
    Note: This will maintain your eMule Filter IP updated with the latest version.


  1. For security reasons, we recommend that you not update from the following address
  2. Always perform the search through Global Servers or through Kad if you are using the Kad Network (highly recommended).