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How to update eMule servers

How to update eMule servers?

First thing to do is open eMule

1. Add servers from a .met file

If you have on your computer your .met file with the list of the servers that you want to insert on eMule you just must follow this simple steps:

1.1. Go to the servers screen:

How to update eMule servers

1.2. Click right mouse button and click on Add Servers from file and look for the file into your computer.

How to update eMule servers

*Remember that this file must be .met here you are able to download our .met updated

2. Add to your eMule the Servers manually

In there is a list of trusted servers that is updated each month:

You can enter them in two ways:
2.1. In the Servers screen, you will see the New Server, section on the right, where you also have to complete the IP, Port and Name fields. Add the list one by one. Do not add any others that are not reliable.

How to update eMule servers

2.2. You can also click on these one by one in the list that you will find in and you see how they will be adding to your list.

Note: If you have another IP that is not included in this list, it may be a False Server that contains corrupt or defective files and so we recommend that you not install it or delete it.


1. Do not add unknown IPs since they may be corrupt or “Spies” (servers that gather your information and then sell it to companies)

2. When searching for eMule Servers, note that they have the best Ping-Number of Users relation.

3. Back to the default server list:

eMuleTorrent comes with a default update server list, if for some reason you have modified this list and want to go back

Click right mouse button and click on Add default Servers list.

How to update eMule servers

Now you’re ready to search and download movies, music, games, ebooks and software with eMule, available for Mac and Windows

We hope this tutorial has been useful and has shown you how to update eMule servers.

How to update eMule servers