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What is eMuleTorrent

What is eMuleTorrent?

eMuleTorrent was created of the need for users of Windows and Mac OS X to have their your own downloader software but with improvements over current download programs.

It has the same features as eMule so it is very easy for these users of Windows and Mac recognize its options.

eMuleTorrent is filesharing software that currently works on all Windows and Mac OS X operating systems with the following advantages over their counterparts as Bitorrent, uTorrent, Vuze, etc.

eMuleTorrent currently has it code and libraries updated, which makes it compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OS.

Incorporates a Torrent search engine, so you will not need to search for files from any web pages.

You Just type the file you are looking for in the Torrent search engine incorporated and eMuleTorrent will show it to you.. Once you find what you want, you just need to double click on the file and start the download.

We have simplified the options and menus so making it easier to use, more intuitive.

eMule now checks automatically updates to the latest version with all its corrections and updates.

The size of the buttons and windows are thoroughly designed based on the indications of users, making all the information you receive from the windows of eMule clearer.

From there … the only thing left to do is … download eMule, install and start enjoying sharing and downloading movies, music, ebooks, software, games and other files.

There is plenty of legal content that you can download via eMule (eDonkey2000) and Torrents. Movies, music and books for free distribution or already without copyright.

Remember that eMule is absolutely free and compatible with all Windows and Mac OS X versions. You can install and use eMule even on a tablet with Windows 8 or Windows 10.

What is eMuleTorrent