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eMule for Windows 8

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What is new in the latest update of eMule
  • What is new in the latest update of eMule

    Torrents Search Engine!

    In this new update we have included something unique, a Torrents Search Engine integrated into eMule. Are you ready?

     What is new in the latest update of eMule

    eMule is now available for MAC

    Finally eMule is already here with the same functionality as the Windows version for Mac users.

  • Updated Servers

    eMule beside being totally renewed, it includes for default a list of updated servers. All these servers are fully functioning

  • eMule & Torrent

    eMule allows you to share and download shared files through eMule and also torrent files. Why settle for just one?

  • New Interface

    New look&feel for this eMule completely renovated. A much more modern design for a revolutionary program.

  • Quick Search

    Quiet, don’t bother. We put it all at your fingertips. Find everything you want easily and quickly.

  • Faster & Easier

    Thanks to .torrents, everything is faster. Drag your torrent file to your eMule and don´t blink. It had never been so fast.

  • Share & comment

    The eMule is linked to our social networks: make your comments, give us your opinion and share. We will improve and grow together!

With the arrival of Windows 8 there are many users who are wondering if this new version of Windows is compatible with the latest version of eMule

eMule for Windows 8?

The answer is yes, Windows 8 and eMule are fully compatible, but is important to keep certain factors in mind.

eMule for Windows 8

Once installed on your computer eMule for Windows 8, it is very important that you allow access eMule in Windows 8 Firewall to prevent that the Firewall detects as a threat your Emule and block it automatically.
To avoid this we will enable the Windows 8 Firewall notifications. From this moment every time that our eMule try to connect to the network, the Firewall will notify us and give us the option to lock or unlock the program. Of course we should choose not to block the program.

These changes allow eMule to connect and download files with eMule faster because it enables the necessary ports in the configuration to avoid having LOW ID. These changes are reliable and pose no risk.

Depending on the internet access you have and the router you use, you may have to make some configuration changes to the router, as this also may be acting as a firewall. Today’s routers are easy to set up and with 2 or 3 simple steps you can configure.

In some cases there router brands and models that already have an automatic setting that lets you choose the program you are using. In this case eMule. Once you select eMule inside the control panel of your router, it automatically configures ports so you can download files with eMule faster.

Once you made these changes to Windows 8, the only thing left to do is to enjoy one of the best file sharing programs. Easy, fast, intuitive and reliable. With eMule for Windows 8 you can make downloads from the eMule / eDonkey ( ed2k ) network or take advantage of the BitTorrent protocol and download movies, music, ebooks, games and software.

eMule for windows 8

And of course do not forget to add to your eMule the eMule servers 2016