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What is new in the latest update of eMule
  • What is new in the latest update of eMule

    Torrents Search Engine!

    In this new update we have included something unique, a Torrents Search Engine integrated into eMule. Are you ready?

     What is new in the latest update of eMule

    eMule is now available for MAC

    Finally eMule is already here with the same functionality as the Windows version for Mac users.

  • Updated Servers

    eMule beside being totally renewed, it includes for default a list of updated servers. All these servers are fully functioning

  • eMule & Torrent

    eMule allows you to share and download shared files through eMule and also torrent files. Why settle for just one?

  • New Interface

    New look&feel for this eMule completely renovated. A much more modern design for a revolutionary program.

  • Quick Search

    Quiet, don’t bother. We put it all at your fingertips. Find everything you want easily and quickly.

  • Faster & Easier

    Thanks to .torrents, everything is faster. Drag your torrent file to your eMule and don´t blink. It had never been so fast.

  • Share & comment

    The eMule is linked to our social networks: make your comments, give us your opinion and share. We will improve and grow together!

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eMule for Mac

eMule is the latest version for Mac users who are interested in having their own P2P download manager. It has the same characteristics as eMule, so Apple users are able to recognize its functions very easily.

eMule for Mac is a “multi-platform manager” that currently works with all Mac operating systems.

Supports the two most popular P2P protocols: BitTorrent and eDonkey. When you download eMule, you will be downloading the perfect combination of the current eMule program and the best Torrent download clients.

If you download eMule for Mac you will have the only program that allows users to share and download shared files via eMule while downloading and handling .torrent files at the same time, and all from a single eMule screen.

It also includes a search engine for torrent files within the program itself, a unique and innovative functionality that facilitates searches.

The program is very user friendly and allows users to easily download any type of shared network file using either of the P2P systems. eMuleTorrent is very intuitive and has a carefully designed user interface.

* eMuleTorrent is the Beta version of the program and will be continually optimised until it attains perfection. For this reason the program has an auto-update system which will notify the user when improved versions are available and facilitate their download and installation.

Frequently asked questions about eMule for Mac:

What is eMuleTorrent? (eMule for Mac)

How do I configure eMule?

Open eMuleTorrent (eMule for Mac) and go to the “Preferences” section. Enter your username or alias and select the language that you would like to use eMuleTorrent with. Go to the “Connection” tab and enter the capacity of your line. Then enter the bandwidth limit according to what you would like eMuleTorrent to use. Go to the “Directories” tab and enter the directory for temporary files (files being downloaded will be stored here) and the location where files are to be stored once they have been completely downloaded (incoming). Lastly, select the directories to be shared. For optimal operation, we suggest that you not share many files.
How do I configure eMule servers?

Go to Options/Server and select the following boxes: “Use the priorities system”, “Intelligent low ID control during connection” and “Automatically update server list at startup”. Select the “List” button and type
How can I migrate from eMule to eMuleTorrent (eMule for Mac) without losing my credits?

Select the following files from the eMule configuration directory: cryptkey.dat, clients.met and preferences.dat (in Windows, C:\Program Files\eMule\config). Copy and paste these files to your eMuleTorrent (eMule for Mac) directory. You will have to close and re-start eMule for the migration to be completed correctly.

Download eMule and start enjoying the benefits of this great program.

emule for mac

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