emule.com launches new version of eMule which supports Torrent files and compatible with Windows and Mac

Fri, 21 November, 2014

Emule.com launches new version of eMule which supports Torrent files and compatible with Windows and Mac

The portal www.emule.com developer and distributor of P2P software, consolidating its continuous commitment and proactive about its products, has announced the launch of a new version of eMule that supports torrent and that also integrates its own search engine for files.

This new version of eMule can be downloaded for free from the website of its creators www.emule.com. There are two versions, one for Windows and one for Mac, both with the same functionality.

eMule allows users to share and download content shared on the network through the most popular P2P protocols in today: BitTorrent and ED2K. For this eMule is a perfect blend of the old eMule and the best client to download torrent files.

The development and design of eMule are fully geared to users of this type of program. Many of the changes and improvements of the program were suggested by them through the portal www.emule.com and their social networks. Through these channels, users of the new eMule may submit new applications for development and report possible errors in this version of the product.

What really makes a difference eMule, the new version of eMule, is that it is the only program among the like, which allows you to share and download files shared by eMule and in turn to search, manage and Torrent download files, and all this from a single screen. It should be noted that this new update contains a powerful search engine for torrent files, something revolutionary that until now was not offered by any other program.

In addition eMule offers many other functional enhancements and technical which its developers have managed to improve both the quality of the connection and the speed of uploading and downloading of data files.

From www.emule.com we wanted to emphasize that eMule is a free beta version and will be gradually optimized. For this reason the program has an auto-update, through which the user is notified of the existence of a new and improved version that will facilitate users to download and install.

Technical details: eMule is written in the programming language C ++ using QT4 libraries, Libtorrent-rastebar and Boot framework, is currently available for Windows and Mac.