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Download music with Windows

Sat, 16 May, 2015

Download music with Windows
eMule is considered by many experts to be the best P2P client available. With eMule you can download any file type (audio, video, text, etc.) that any other user has shared with eMule.
The number of developers who have contributed to the project ensure the efficiency of each new, enhanced version. The latest version of eMule is eMule 0.50a, updated on the 24th of May, 2012. This version introduces changes in the verification algorithm for downloaded files, improving the speed and quality of the download by minimising corruption. The version has been internally optimised and the interface has been enhanced.

Principle features:

  • Allows for limitation or increase of the upload/download speed
  • Includes an integrated search engine to facilitate searches
  • Includes integrated instant messaging and chat
  • Provides statistics
  • The interface is both easy-to-use and intuitive.
  • Includes support for installation / removal
  • Allows previewing of multimedia files
  • The IP filter filters corrupt files circulating on the web
  • Allows recovery of chunks of corrupt files

This is the easiest way to download music with Windows