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Download music with Windows 8

Tue, 21 April, 2015

eMule is the programme of the P2P network of the same name. It outperforms other similar programmes due to the download speed offered and the size of the files it allows users to download and share.
With eMule you can download torrent files by directly using the search engine that is integrated into the home page of the programme. This in turn opens the eMule search system with the results of the search in the end user’s predetermined web browser.

eMule can download one or more files while simultaneously sharing them. At any given moment the user has access to data regarding download and upload speeds, a speed diagram, a list of the users who are sharing this file, and much more.

Download music with Windows 8 for free

Download music with Windows 8

Principle features:

  • Allows for limitation or increase of the upload/download speed
  • Includes an integrated search engine to facilitate searches
  • Includes integrated instant messaging and chat
  • Provides statistics
  • The interface is both easy-to-use and intuitive.
  • Includes support for installation / removal
  • Allows previewing of multimedia files
  • The IP filter filters corrupt files circulating on the web
  • Allows recovery of chunks of corrupt files