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Download movies with Windows 10

Wed, 25 March, 2015

Download movies with Windows 10

Download movies with Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the new version of the operating system Microsoft, it is standing strong, unseating Windows 7 and especially solving all the problems that Windows 8 has, adapting the operating system to the current internet with all kinds of upgrades, with a graphical environment more stable and intuitive.

This great progress by Microsoft has required a significant update on our part so we have taken advantage of this new operating system to upgrade libraries and improve the eMule code in order to get a program at the same level, giving eMule the ability to download movies with Windows 10 fast and reliably.

eMule is now fully compatible with all versions of Windows. Stable, intuitive and reliable.

We’ve done all sorts of tests to reach the conclusion that the isolated cases where eMule was suddenly closed it was caused because the operating system was not updated.

Once we have completely updated Windows 10, eMule has been working properly without any kind of problem.

From there … the only thing the user needs is to start sharing and downloading files with eMule through the eDonkey2000 network or with the Bittorrent protocol.

You can download movies, music, ebooks, games and programs thanks to the vast number of freely distributed content or content lacking copyright that exists on the Internet.

With this we want also to tell you that if you have tablets using Windows, eMule is compatible too, using the same features offered on a pc, from the tablet.

One of the advantages of Windows 10 has been the adaptation to mobile devices such as tablets, allowing Microsoft to cover market and that has also been positive for eMule.

If before you could download movies, music, ebooks, programs or games with eMule from your desktop or laptop, now you can also from any tablet with Windows 10 without any special requirement, since eMule works exactly the same in the any of the cases.