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Download Movies with Mac

Thu, 23 July, 2015

eMule is a freeware programme that is free of spyware and adware and can be used to download all file types, music, film, series, etc. This P2P programme has a simple interface that allows the user to limit the number of simultaneous downloads, the bandwidth that the programme may use, the presence of adult content in the search results, the minimum file size, etc. 

Download movies with Mac.

download movies with mac

eMuleTorrent is the latest version for Mac users who are interested in having their own P2P download manager. It has the same characteristics as eMule, so Apple users are able to recognize its functions very easily.

Open eMuleTorrent (eMule for Mac) and go to the “Preferences” section. Enter your username or alias and select the language that you would like to use eMule with. Go to the “Connection” tab and enter the capacity of your line. Then enter the bandwidth limit according to what you would like eMuleTorrent to use. Go to the “Directories” tab and enter the directory for temporary files (files being downloaded will be stored here) and the location where files are to be stored once they have been completely downloaded (incoming). Lastly, select the directories to be shared and then you can download movies with Mac.