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"Surviving Love"
Posted by: Lindyloo (---.cable.ubr01.smal.blueyonder.co.uk)
Date: May 02, 2005 02:37PM

I have just watched on TV the movie Surviving Love starring Ted Danson. There is a scene where he and his wife are trapped inside their car in freezing temperatures. With no hope of rescue, he begins to reflect on his marriage, and recites a poem to his sleeping wife. A beautiful verse, and I would dearly love to know the name and author of it. I recall a line at the end only "If I should think of love I think of you"
Any ideas please?


Re: "Surviving Love"
Posted by: shelby (---.nctv.com)
Date: May 19, 2005 05:16PM

Im not sure but it sounds like a good poem I had to wright poems for my language arts class.

Re: "Surviving Love"
Posted by: MC (192.168.128.---)
Date: January 20, 2006 09:59AM

When I Think Of You
by Hilary Anne

Re: "Surviving Love"
Posted by: marian2 (192.168.128.---)
Date: January 24, 2006 03:58AM

When I Think Of You
by Hilary Anne

When I think of you
I think of happiness...
Happiness you've brought into my life.

When I think of you
I think of tenderness...
The tenderness of our first kiss.

When I think of you
I think of caring...
And how much we care for each other.

When I think of you
I think of sharing...
Sharing all our thoughts and feelings.

When I think of you
I think of love...
Love I never thought I'd feel again.

When I think of love
I think of you...
I love you with all my heart.

Re: "Surviving Love"
Posted by: tiptoeing (82.44.79.---)
Date: September 07, 2008 05:02PM

It's a sonnet by Shakespeare:
If I should think of love
I'd think of you, your arms uplifted,
Tying your hair in plaits above,
The lyre shape of your arms and shoulders,
The soft curve of your winding head.
No melody is sweeter, nor could Orpheus
So have bewitched. I think of this,
And all my universe becomes perfection.
But were you in my arms, dear love,
The happiness would take my breath away,
No thought could match that ecstasy,
No song encompass it, no other worlds.
If I should think of love,
I'd think of you.

Re: "Surviving Love"
Posted by: IanAKB (124.168.89.---)
Date: September 07, 2008 07:01PM

Welcome to Emule, Tiptoeing, if you are new here, and thank you for taking the trouble to post this.

I don't mean to knock you or the sentiment of the poem, but it's not written by Shakespeare. Those who claim on the Internet that it's anonymous from the 16th Century are also mistaken. In so many ways, it's just not how they wrote then.

My guess is that it's of late 20th Century theatrical or greeting card vintage. Someone wrote it, and for whatever purpose pretended it was from Shakespeare.

Of course it might be the verse that Lindyloo was seeking to retrieve from that TV movie. I wouldn't know. But Marian provided an unqualified, different answer to that original question, and she's pretty reliable.


Re: "Surviving Love"
Posted by: tiptoeing (82.44.79.---)
Date: October 04, 2008 08:24AM


Yes, agree with your comments. I ws touched by the words in the film and did a quick search on the web and found the quote and a source saying it was Shakespeare. I've since looked at all his sonnets and it most definitely isn't.
I was sure these were the words from that film but will happily stand corrected.
Anyway, they were nice words to plaguarise in my wife's anniversary card...
It did the trick.
Thanks Tiptoeing.

Re: "Surviving Love"
Posted by: marian222 (86.153.106.---)
Date: October 05, 2008 04:35AM

It's nice to be called reliable by Ian, and that made me feel I'd better clarify this I'd better clarify this. When I posted the Hilary Anne poem, I wasn't saying it was the one used in the film - I hadn't seen the film. All I did was post the text of the poem suggested by MC, in case the person originally posting couldn't find it. I do that, if I can, when only a title and author are given, as I'm not terribly good at internet searching myself.

The 'pseudo-Shakespeare' poem would seem to fit the original poster's query better than the Hilary Anne one.

Re: "Surviving Love"
Posted by: jessie319 (59.57.11.---)
Date: May 26, 2011 05:42AM

Wow....this poem seeems great and the title is so interesting....thanks a lot for sharing it!!
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Re: "Surviving Love"
Posted by: Casparh (80.217.192.---)
Date: September 05, 2011 07:38PM

Great poem you got there on top! Thanks for the share!

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