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Bits and Pieces
Posted by: mountaineyes2000 (---.chy-wy.client.bresnan.net)
Date: March 19, 2005 02:50AM

I'm looking for a poem that talks about how we are all made up of bits and pieces of people we meet or come in contact with. Any help would be so appreciated. PLEASE. Thank you smiling smiley Supposed to be titled Bits and Pieces

Re: Bits and Pieces
Posted by: lg (---.ca.charter.com)
Date: March 19, 2005 02:40PM

Mountaineyes, could it have been a song? There are several songs by that title, including Dave Clark's, The Supremes, Joan Jett, and Dusty Springfield.


Re: Bits and Pieces
Posted by: Pattey (---.gci.net)
Date: March 19, 2005 02:44PM

I don't know if this is the exact poem, but it is similar to what you described. Hope you like it anyway. Good Luck. =o)

Each lifetime is the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
For some there are more pieces.
For others the puzzle is more difficult to assemble.
Some seem to be born with a nearly completed puzzle.
And so it goes.
Souls going this way and that
Trying to assemble the myriad parts.
But know this.
You do not have within yourself
All the pieces to your puzzle.
Like before the days when they used to seal jigsaw puzzles in cellophane. Insuring that
All the pieces were there.
Everyone carries with them at least one and probably
Many pieces to someone else's puzzle.
Sometimes they know it.
Sometimes they don't.
And when you present your piece
Which is worthless to you,
To another, whether you know it or not,
Whether they know it or not,
You are a messenger from the Most High.

by Harold Kushner

Re: Bits and Pieces
Posted by: marian2 (---.range81-152.btcentralplus.com)
Date: March 22, 2005 05:55AM

I enjoyed reading that poem, Pattey, thanks very much for posting it.

Re: Bits and Pieces
Posted by: Cunningham (129.59.216.---)
Date: May 04, 2005 12:44PM

Bits and Pieces

Bits and pieces, bits and pieces. People. People important to you, People unimportant to you cross your life, touch it with love and move on. There are people who leave you and you breathe a sigh of relief and wonder why you ever came into contact with them. There are people who leave you, and you breathe a sigh of remorse and wonder why they had to go and leave such a gaping hole. Children leave parents, friends leave friends. Acquaintances move on. People change homes. People grow apart. Enemies hate and move on. Friends love and move on. You think of the many people who have moved in and out of your hazy memory. You look at those present and wonder. I believe in god's master plan in lives. He moves people in and out of each other's lives, and each leaves his mark on the other. You find you are made up of bits and pieces of all who have ever touched your life. You are more because of them, and would be less if they had not touched you. Pray that you accept the bits and pieces in humility and wonder, and never question and never regret's. Bit's and pieces, bits and pieces.

Re: Bits and Pieces
Posted by: Susieb (---.hsd1.il.comcast.net)
Date: May 25, 2005 01:13AM

Thank you for posting Bits and Pieces, this is just perfect. I recieved this poem from my 7th grade reading teacher and never, ever forgot about it. I look for this poem every time I have a sense of departure that I need to convey. I am leaving my current job and love everyone so much and I will give each of them a copy on nice stationary. Hopefully they will cherish it as I have for so many years.

Re: Bits and Pieces
Posted by: washingtonfriends (71.222.253.---)
Date: November 21, 2009 12:01AM

thanks but that's not the one

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