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Backward, turn backward
Posted by: Joyce K. (---.tampabay.rr.com)
Date: April 17, 2003 11:36PM

I heard a poem when I was in highschool and can only remember a small part of it. I don't know the poet either. The part I remember is "backward turn backward oh time in thy flight, make me a child again-just for tonight."
Anyone who knows anything about this poem please let me know! Please, please, please!!


Re: Another
Posted by: glenda (---.dallas-43rh15rt-tx.dial-access.att.net)
Date: April 17, 2003 11:53PM


BACKWARD, turn backward, O time, in your flight,
Make me a child again just for tonight
Mother, come back from the echoless shore,
Take me again to your heart as of yore;

Kiss from my forehead the furrows of care
Smooth the few silver threads out of my hair;
Over my slumbers your loving watch keep;
Rock me to sleep, Mother-rock me to sleep!

Backward, flow backward, oh, tide of the years
I am so weary of toil and of tears;
Toil without recompense, tears all in vain--
Take them, and give me my childhood again!
I have grown weary of dust and decay--
Weary of flinging my soul--wealth away,
Weary of sowing for others to reap;
Rock me to sleep, Mother rock me to sleep!

Tired of the hollow, the base, the untrue,
Mother, O Mother, my heart calls for you!
Many a summer the grass has grown green,
Blossomed and faded, our faces between.
Yet, with strong yearning and passionate pain,
Long I tonight for your presence again.
Come from the silence so long and so deep;
Rock me to sleep, Mother-rock me to sleep!

Over my heart, in the days that are flown,
No love like mother-love ever has shone;
No other worship abides and endures-
Faithful, unselfish, and patient like yours:
None like a mother can charm away pain
From the sick soul and the world-weary brain.
Slumber's soft calms over my heavy lids creep;
Rock me to sleep, Mother-rock me to sleep!

Come, let your brown hair, just lighted with gold,
Fall on your shoulders again as of old;
Let it drop over my forehead tonight,
Shading my faint eyes away from the light;
For with it's sunny-edged shadows once more
Haply will throng the sweet vision of yore;
Lovingly, softly, it's bright billows sweep:
Rock me to sleep, Mother-rock me to sleep!

Mother, dear Mother, the years been long
Since I last listened to your lullaby song.
Sing, then, and unto my soul it shall seem
Womanhood's years have been only a dream.

Clasped to your heart in a loving embrace,
With your light lashes just sweeping my face,
Never hereafter to wake or to weep;
Rock me to sleep, Mother-rock me to sleep!

ByElizabeth Akers Allen

Re: Another
Posted by: Joyce K. (---.tampabay.rr.com)
Date: April 18, 2003 05:10PM

thank you so much!! I am very impressed! I can't believe someone actually heard of this poem.

Again, thanks


Re: Another
Posted by: glenda (---.dallas-43rh15rt-tx.dial-access.att.net)
Date: April 18, 2003 06:47PM

You are welcome. Actually, the poem is new to me. I found it through Google.

Re: Another
Posted by: Pam Adams (---)
Date: April 18, 2003 06:55PM

I knew the opening couplet, but not the rest.


Re: Another
Posted by: Gene (---.ns.sympatico.ca)
Date: August 09, 2004 06:43PM

Author was Florence Percy. Check out the following web page for the words:


Re: Another
Posted by: StephenFryer (---.l5.c5.dsl.pol.co.uk)
Date: August 10, 2004 03:19AM

'Florence Percy' was the pseudonym of Elizabeth Akers Allen, apparently, though why she wrote under a different name I don't know.


"you would not see,you would not share,and who of the rest would ever care"
Posted by: Lorraine Lightel (---.bay.webtv.net)
Date: August 18, 2004 03:26PM

Need help to find out the name of this poem and the arthor.

Re: Backward, turn backward
Posted by: IanB (---.tnt11.mel1.da.uu.net)
Date: August 18, 2004 09:01PM


Go to the top of this thread and click on New Topic and post your request there and you'll have a better chance of attracting someone's attention to get an answer.

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