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painted caravan
Posted by: George (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: March 07, 2004 01:18PM

Please,does anyone recognise this:-<br />

" I met a painted caravan down a dusty lane, a Phaeroh with his caravan going jolt and creak and strain..."

I really need to locate this poem, help me, Please


Re: painted caravan
Posted by: Tigermonkey (---.in-addr.btopenworld.com)
Date: March 07, 2004 03:34PM

Roundabouts and Swings

It was early last September nigh to Framlin'am-on Sea,
An' 'twas Fair-day come to-merrow, an' the time was after tea,
An' I met a painted caravan adown a dusty lane,
A Pharaoh with his waggons comin' jolt an' creak an' strain;
A cheery cove an' sunburnt, bold o' eye and wrinkled up,
An' beside him on the splashboard sat a brindled terrier pup,
An' a lurcher wise as Solomon an' lean as fiddle-strings
Was joggin' in the dust along 'is roundabouts and swings.
"Goo'-day," said 'e; "Goo'-day," said I; "an' 'ow d'you find things go,
An' what's the chance o' millions when you runs a travellin' show?"
"I find," said 'e, "things very much as 'ow I've always found,
For mostly they goes up and down or else goes round and round."
Said 'e, "The job's the very spit o' what it always were,
It's bread and bacon mostly when the dog don't catch a 'are;
But lookin' at it broad, an' while it ain't no merchant king's,
What's lost upon the roundabouts we pulls up on the swings!"
"Goo'luck," said 'e; "Goo'luck," said I; "you've put it past a doubt;
An' keep that lurcher on the road, the gamekeepers is out."
'E thumped upon the footboard an' 'e lumbered on again
To meet a gold-dust sunset down the owl-light in the lane;
An' the moon she climbed the 'azels, while a nightjar seemed to spin
That Pharaoh's wisdom o'er again, 'is sooth of lose-and-win;
For "up an' down an' round," said 'e, "goes all appointed things,
An' losses on the roundabouts means profits on the swings!"

Patrick R. Chalmers

Re: painted caravan
Posted by: George (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: March 08, 2004 08:56AM

Dear Tigermonkey,

You have made my day. I have been searching the web daily for over a week without success. Then I chanced upon this site, registered (without much hope), and up you came!

Thank You very much indeed.


Re: painted caravan
Posted by: Masked Avenger (---.va.client2.attbi.com)
Date: November 14, 2004 09:21PM

I found this one night when I was surfing the web.

"Goo'-day," said 'e; "Goo'-day," said I; "an' 'ow d'you find things go,

That is soooo good!

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