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Deluding Twinkle in the Skies
Posted by: Paladin (203.122.99.---)
Date: March 05, 2004 07:58AM

can some1 help me out in finding who wrote this...

Deluding Twinkle in the Skies

These darkened clouds, grimly they face me,
Grinning at me in sheer ridicule.
It asphyxiates me... yet somehow,
I feel a sense of satisfaction.
These hardships that are set, I will bear
And vast mountains I will overcome.
Though this futile reign forced on me
Will cause me to suffer,
Pain is my Desire.

Who is to blame? Of course 'tis no one
But me! I do not deny the truth:
I brought this heartbreak upon myself.
But 'twas significance I pursued;
I gain it though this horrid anguish.
Tell me, how else am I to exist?
You see, my friend... to tell my tale
'Tis the greatest sin, yet
I have no regret

Not you, not anyone can fathom,
What wretched thoughts cross this mind of mine:
'Tis only God who despises me.
Challenge his compelling authority
I will, because it is I that own
The passions fixed deep within my heart.
Do you understand? This is reason for
My absence of remorse;
My heart I will endorse.

Blasphemy? Is that what you call love?
She must be the devil in your eyes.
'Tis not true. She is magnificent.
Prettiness so superbly striking,
That I shall bear in soul her image
For as long as the Earth continues its elegant course about the sun.
No amount of time,
Her beauty can define.

Though, if you had felt her ardent love
You might start to assent, only then
You'd conceive of my profanity.
Now you consider me a demon,
But I only seek a contentment
And 'tis for myself; I harm no one.
Yet God's arrogance still condemns me,
Imposing forceful blight
To hinder what is right.

A simple perseverance of mine:
I endeavor for a pure soul,
Containing one singular feature:
The chaste desires of my heart.
'Cause no other way is one truly
Content with one's self. Now do you see?
What ever the detriment may be,
I will overpower,
And find refuge in Her.

What must one implement to attain
A heart so genuine? Why simply,
'Tis obtained by the course of worship.
You must adulate your desires,
Deify and retain your beliefs:
Create your own realm with liberty.
Acquire a true heart by these means,
And then into the skies,
Ardently you will rise.

She is my liberator, you see,
Saving me from the dull frequency
Of these determined lives you all live.
Enter though my eyes, and there you will see,
Indistinguishable souls... know not
Their raison d'etre. Oblivious
They are, to the nature of their being.
Admire Adam's heart,
Praise the Father of Art.

Say what you will! She's my divine art!
Under God's relentless suppression
Man cannot submit. Our very being,
'Tis not born so. He does more strife
With this agony caused, yet artists,
They will revolt, as humanity
To be their incentive. Simply put:
'Tis our nature to be
Rebellious to He.

The ultimate torment is simply
Declared upon me. Oh what anguish!
No longer am I adored by She!
She changes in spite of my efforts,
To revive Her from this wretched world.
A most beautiful rose among many:
Disguised by splendor are these sharp thorns
That I fail to see,
Oh...how she has hurt me.

Painfully these moments of heaven,
I reflect: Her flirtatious smiles,
And curious eyes, heartening breast
And soft lips. I woke for you my love,
I tasted paradise on your tongue,
You were my cause, you were my passion!
Now She has chosen to forsake me.
Lost in this endless void,
I am wholly destroyed.

What is a man without tenacity?
Although I am utterly shattered
I will persist, I will tolerate.
I shall not hesitate to reveal
My bare breast to this endless distress.
Finally, a momentous legend
Of love, of suffering, of passion,
Oh... I am a great man,
No longer God's apt lamb.

Yet I cannot fully apprehend,
She speaks of some irregular thought.
Forget the past? Overlook our times?
She must fancy driving me insane!
She cannot simply disregard me,
What is this utter absurdity?
Any matter I shall overcome,
Yet Her thoughts are unfair,
'Tis horrendous to bear.

I ask for your sympathy dear friends
'Tis all that I have left. I beg you!
What good is an abandoned gemstone,
If no one’s to ever come by it?
Just pay heed to this tale of mine
And all this anguish will be worthy.
Oh how irrational I have been;
You take me for a fool
As I defy His rule.

'Tis true! I am indeed a great fool!
I cannot confront His mightiness.
He who determines my destiny
Will ultimately prevail. Hope:
'Tis the quintessential human myth,
Deluding us from reality.
These hopes I dissipate;
One cannot defy fate.

Re: who wrote this...
Posted by: Hugh Clary (---.denver-03rh15rt.co.dial-access.att.net)
Date: March 05, 2004 12:08PM

can some1 help me out in finding who wrote this...

'Tis our nature to be
Rebellious to He.

Nobody whose native tongue is English, surely.

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