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She wheels her wheelbarrow
Posted by: DBOID (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: January 20, 2004 11:51PM

Contains the following:

"She wheels her wheelbarrow thru streets wide and narrow,
Singing 'Cockles and Mussels, alive - alive OOOOOOO'"

Re: Forgotten poem
Posted by: -Les- (---.trlck.ca.charter.com)
Date: January 21, 2004 01:42AM

It's a song:

Cockels and Mussels
Words and Music by Martin Corrigan
Cockles, mussels and other fresh fish were sold by "Dealers" (Hawkers) from three-wheels carts often made from wicker. A popular song of Dublin.

1. In Dublin's fair city where the girls are so pretty
I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone
She wheels her wheelbarrow through streets broad and narrow
Crying, Cockles and Mussels alive, a-live O!

A-live a-live O!, a-live a-live O!
Crying Cockles and Mussels a-live a-live O!

2. She was a fishmonger
But sure 'twas no wonder
For her father and mother were fishmongers too.
They both wheeled their barrow,
Through streets broad and narrow,
Crying Cockles and Mussels, a-live, a-live O!


3. She died of a fever
And no one could save her
And that was the end of sweet Molly Malone,
But her ghost wheels her barrow
Through streets broad and narrow,
Crying Cockles and Mussels, a-live, a-live, O!



Re: Forgotten poem
Posted by: Hugh Clary (---.denver-03rh15rt.co.dial-access.att.net)
Date: January 21, 2004 11:48AM

Hmmm ... amphibrachs in dimeter - is that the same rhythm as is found in the McWhirtle, or what!?

Dear Ann Landers

I'm really disgusted
With Myrtle McWhirtle,
The out-of-work bimbo
Residing next door.

She knows where to find
Herself honest employment
But chooses instead to be
Neighborhood whore.
-- Bruce Newling

Re: Forgotten poem
Posted by: Pam Adams (---.bus.csupomona.edu)
Date: January 21, 2004 02:10PM

There's a statue of Molly Malone in Dublin- referred to by locals as 'The Tart with the Cart.

Considering how low-cut her dress is, it's no wonder she got that fever!

[www.norbiton.com] />

Re: Forgotten poem
Posted by: Linda (---.cache.pol.co.uk)
Date: January 21, 2004 04:09PM

As opposed to the "Floozy in the jacussi". I'm told that Dublin has the original, symbolising the Liffy, Brum uses the same name for its work of art. (I always wish I had a bottle of Fairy Liquid with me whenever I see it.)

Re: Forgotten poem
Posted by: DBOID (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: January 21, 2004 11:27PM

That's it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks. I knew it is/was a song, but thought it might be based on a poem.

Thanks a lot.

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