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Journeys in Poetry? (Physical, Inner,and Imaginative)
Posted by: wickety (124.183.176.---)
Date: February 10, 2009 07:31AM

Hello all,
Can you please inform me more on the concept of Journeys (in poetry) in detail so that I (and perhaps other members/guests) understand more on this ambiguous topic and actually interpret poems more successfully? Thanks!

Re: Journeys in Poetry? (Physical, Inner,and Imaginative)
Posted by: IanAKB (210.84.33.---)
Date: February 11, 2009 09:54AM

Please, not another year of 'journeys' in poetry in New South Wales schools.[Sigh]

That sigh isn't aimed at you, Wickety. It's aimed at the poetry-challenged education authorities in NSW, where I presume you are posting from.

You have asked an understandable question, perhaps after seeing your prescribed syllabus. You have commented sensibly that the concept of journeys in poetry is an "ambiguous topic". It certainly is. I would add that it's a pathetically narrow lens through which to view and interpret poetry.

In fact there is no generally accepted 'concept of journeys' in poetry. It's an invention of those NSW bureaucrats. It's tragic that bright students like you with a genuine interest in becoming more appreciative of poetry are forced to take such crap seriously. However a rant like this from me isn't going to help you meet your immediate needs.

I suggest you start by clicking on the Search button at the top of this thread, and search for "journey" in "This forum", i.e. in just the Homework Assistance forum, for "all dates" [I think that's the wording of the last of the alternatives]. That will bring up numerous threads, going back 6 years or more, in which this topic has been discussed and commented on over and over in response to questions from bemused NSW students. Have a look at those threads

You'll probably conclude from them that there are different kinds of journeys, and that it's up to you how [within reason, aided by a dictionary] you define the kinds you are required to relate to poems, and that some poems may refer to such a journey, but most don't, though if you're desperate to find a journey in any poem, you can probably always find an implicit 'inner' journey (even if only the necessary journey of the reader's eye from the start to the finish of the poem). And at times a journey may be a metaphor for something else, or vice versa.

I suggest you do that, and if it doesn't leave you totally disillusioned and demoralised, come back and post your comments and ideas for discussion.


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Re: Journeys in Poetry? (Physical, Inner,and Imaginative)
Posted by: Willy (125.160.134.---)
Date: May 09, 2011 05:03AM

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