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Night Birth
Posted by: Jean-Paul Bonhomme (
Date: December 14, 2003 03:01AM

Night Birth

Night birth
Stay these crude desires
And my love’s silky core
Will be found
Wanting and swallowing
My soft dream
Never leaving me
Yet, as always, too tired
To play its full part

At first
Mine was all I saw
But Truth’s milky wares
Still are now
Haunting and bothering
My white sheets
Never trusting me
But, it ever aspires
To give a fresh start

Re: Night Birth
Posted by: Brucefur (
Date: December 14, 2003 03:44AM

Very nice tight poetry here Jean-Paul, both compact and well written, but I had to laugh at the white sheets line, because I immediately thought of halloween ghosts. My second thought was more ominous; that of the Klan in their Sinday best.

I am aware that both of those are erroneous; I believe that you are equating those sheets with innocence, (and perhaps inexperience?).

Enjoyed the read and the mystery,

Re: Night Birth
Posted by: Jean-Paul Bonhomme (
Date: December 15, 2003 01:12AM

You have a good sense of humour Brucefur. One that I really need to see more of right now.
This setting is intended to show a vulnerable position which I usually crave for the escape it offers me, but I often dread because of the loneliness it induces, sleep
The white sheets do indeed symbolize innocence: a pure, sinless state.
Although they are mine, they do not reflect my own innocence; on the contrary, I am far from innocence.
This poem reflects a profound guilt I possess for not holding to our creator's standards of character.
This, in turn has greatly affected my ability to be a good husband to my wife.
The last line though, shows my belief in a forgiving God.

Re: Night Birth
Posted by: Brucefur (
Date: December 15, 2003 03:29AM

Well Jean-Paul, I believe that you have heard the phrase that love conquers all? I believe that for the most part that is true (100% if both parties feel the same), but even more true is the line from the movie Conspiracy Theory, "Geronimo!" He says, as well as, "Love gives you wings!"

Don't struggle so much with moral quandries; let God deal with those. Instead just strive to always do well by those that you love and have care of. Yes laughter is a great way to purge demons, but even it takes a bitter edge if it isn't tempered by temperance itself as well as simple empathy and compassion.

Mould yourself to your wife's needs; match your needs with hers, so that you are in tandem with one another. A machine (love machines too!) won't work out of synch. Sooner or later it will fly apart. Take whatever time is necessary to find out what she wants today, next week and a decade from now, then compromise some, burn others, and adapt till your life fits hers. If you can't do these things, then you aren't right for each other.

Not trying to sound preachy; just offering you a helping hand if you need one, based upon what I have learned from my own mistakes.


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