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Pastry Shop
Posted by: Squire (
Date: August 18, 2002 02:40AM

Walk in and browse
Take a long hard look

So many delicious flavors
So many different shapes

What are you in the mood for today?

Something soft and sweet
Something crumbly and dry

Or cold

You too can be satisfied
All you have to do is choose
And make yourself comfortable


Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: JP (
Date: August 18, 2002 03:20AM

Oh thanks so much for this one. Just what we girls need, more pastries. JP

Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: Brucefur (
Date: August 18, 2002 04:06AM

I just love bakeries, I have always been fascinated by them.
When I was 7 and living in Burns Lake, BC, I was so taken by them that Mr. Guerny our town baker actually took me inside and showed me how all the stuff was made.
I will still walk miles out of my way, just to go to a good bakery, or to find a new one.
I enjoyed this trip to the pastry shop. Thank you Squire.

Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: J.H. SUMMERS (
Date: August 18, 2002 09:30AM

Squire, Nice job, there goes the waist line again. jhs

Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: lgreen (
Date: August 19, 2002 03:51AM

Squire--yum! It is those little things in life - the treats -I could smell the warm sugar from your words---now I want a cup of coffee and a sweet...Ell

Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: Squire (
Date: August 19, 2002 02:50PM

I am sorry for the temptation but go ahead, one won’t hurt.

Thanks for sharing. Glad I was able to take you back

Happy I was able to entice you with the “warm sugar from my words”. Oooh…I like that description.


Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: Lizzy (
Date: August 19, 2002 05:57PM

I loved this one! Ask anyone who knows me, I get WAY more excited about food than any normal person would. This one reminded me of a bakery I visited in Mexico, there were these flaky sweet pastry swirls that were to DIE for. I think they called them snails, but dont quote me on that, I wasnt paying much attention to what they were CALLED winking smiley. Its a wonder I still have a waist. Ahhhhhh, the joy of youth! =)

Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: Stephen Fryer (
Date: August 20, 2002 03:06AM

Yes, but this is about more than pastries isn't it, Squire?

"allegory" - in literature, symbolic story that serves as a disguised
representation for meanings other than those indicated on the surface.

Now, as I face life's choices, I am stuck with thinking of them as between "soft and sweet" and "crumbly and dry". Or is it that, as I get older, my availabilities have moved inexorably from soft to crumbly? How could you do this to me?


Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: Squire (
Date: August 20, 2002 10:53AM

Thank you. ;-)>


Yes it is more, nice catch. I wrote it as a metaphor for life but I was enjoying all the places it was taking everyone.

I apologize for doing that to you Stephen ;-) but time will eventually have its way with all of us.

As for myself, I have tasted perhaps more than my share of the soft and sweet pastries and am preparing my pallet for the crumbly and dry. Cei la vie.


Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: bobo (
Date: August 20, 2002 03:42PM

This brought me so many memories of my grandparents! My family used to own a bakery and while it closed years before I was born, my grands used to bake so many of the recipes that I feel like I remember it too. But you know, my favorite line is, "You too can be satisfied" because it sounds like an advertisement... did you intend that? It's a great line even if you didn't, I think, because it triggers images even though it is not an image itself.


Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: Squire (
Date: August 21, 2002 10:32AM

Thanks for sharing.

Its funny you mention that line, and it sounding like an advertisement because when I wrote this I jokingly told a friend that I could probably offer this up as a marketing slogan, but it just seemed to fit.

Certainly, I am attempting to entice the reader hence the sales pitch. (HAHA)


Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: Brucefur (
Date: August 21, 2002 03:16PM

I hold you entirely responsible Squire that I will be baking mincemeat tarts tonight! :-0

Fortunately I don't have to EVER worry about having a waistline muah!


Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: Nolon (
Date: August 26, 2002 07:45PM

Hehe thats just what i like about this site and all the wonderful poetry everyone has there way of writing about different things and this was a nice poem starting from the bottom up now i must go smiling smiley that just mean im reading a good bit of poems from bottom to top hehe take care

"To write something, you have to risk making a fool of yourself." Anne Rice

Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: Sargirl (
Date: August 26, 2002 07:54PM

Yea, i like both the life and the yummy parts of this poem! But you forgot that heavenly smell....

Re: Pastry Shop
Posted by: Stephen Fryer (
Date: August 27, 2002 03:07AM

Look forward to it, man. Crumblies don't expect so much!


A Wrinkly


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