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scared to sleep
Posted by: Fickledlife (72.130.17.---)
Date: July 02, 2011 01:07AM

its just nighttime. everything is shaded red as though looking through a ruby spyglass.


whatever im looking through craves it


he hears their heartbeats, and it's loud.

just walks around at night then the sun comes out, not through time,



then its like dying. like the skin melts in an instant.

but theres no pain. i realize im dead, and wake up with acidic sweat


again. walk through at midnight.

sense the heartbeats and footsteps of those all around, even through veiling concrete.

the bloodthirst and unsatiated lust for violent demise overtakes,

enthralling the mind to abandon reason, abandon humanity,

and all that remains is the monster, viciously beautiful.

sight is ever redscale,

as though a red glass is the focle covering again.

the sky is no longer cloud and black,

but mesh and fiery sores.


and then he strikes, relentless upon the innocent.

-with love

Re: scared to sleep
Posted by: petersz (67.174.198.---)
Date: July 03, 2011 02:05PM


When I can get myself to read a post like this one I find it beautiful and intriguing. I find it reads the way a prose poem reads, like the work of Francis Ponge or Arthur Rimbaud. It is difficult for me to read because of its typographical lay out. I don't know how, for instance, to read "///". Is this a breathing pause of 3 beats? or is it the demarcation of the end of a paragraph or stanza? Is it some other kind of typographical device not connected with how I might read the poem out loud to myself or to an audience? Because I have not way to make a decision about the layout of the poem, I end up breaking off in the middle or not even trying to read it. This time, I just read the words and ignored the typography, but I ending up thinking of the difference between the prose poem and what bad critics complaint about as poems that are prose chopped up into poem like lines.

Anyway, I find myself captivated by the redness of your reds.

amo et avanti,


Re: scared to sleep
Posted by: Fickledlife (72.130.17.---)
Date: July 07, 2011 01:31PM

heh. please excuse the "///"'s and the lack of structure thereof. i am not sure how to perfect spacing on forums. previous attempts have given me no desired breaks between stanzas or different thoughts.

also, ponge's style of "objeu" writing is one of my favorite styles used in writing aside from stream of consciousness.

i have not read any of rimbaud, but do also appreciate a bit of homework, and felt this homework to be beneficial and enjoyable.

a bit of rimbaud i enjoyed:

"Flowers of ink dropping pollen like commas

Lull them asleep, in their rows of squat flower-cups

Like dragonflies threading their flight along the flags

- And their membra virilia are aroused by barbed ears of wheat."

thanks for the references and comments peter.

-with love

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